How To Make Hash Like A Pro

The form of cannabis known as hash or hashish is sweeping the cannabis industry. Created by collecting and combining resin from marijuana, hashish is one of the many different ways of consuming cannabis.

Hashish is a very fascinating form of cannabis because there are a plethora of ways that it can be made. Today, we’re going to zero in on 3 of the main ways to make hash like a pro.

In order to figure out your starting point, these 3 forms of cannabis hashish are what you need to learn about!

  • Butane Hash Oil
  • Cannabis Distillates
  • Honey Hash Oil

So, are you curious about the process of how to make hash? Let’s get going!

how to make hash

3 Ways Of How To Make Hash

Butane Hash Oil

Also known by the abbreviation BHO, butane hash oil is eerily similar to another form of hashish, called honey oil hash. The main differentiating factor between butane hash oil and honey hash oil is the fact that BHO implements butane as the solvent of choice, whereas honey oil hash incorporates… You guessed it. Honey!

The process of making BHO sounds incredibly intense, so we don’t necessarily recommend attempting to make your own butane hash oil. A very powerful machine is utilized alongside the solvent — in this case, butane — so it’s quite literally impossible to create BHO in a casual and lowkey way.

However, the final product is well worth the intensity of the process because butane hash oil is incredibly pure. As a glass-like substance that looks like a translucent light brown, butane hash oil contains upwards of 85 percent THC.

The butane is introduced, then eradicated, and the final product is BHO. Thankfully, the many terpenes of cannabis remain when the process is finalized, so butane hash oil retains the sought-after smells and tastes with a heightened level of THC.

how to make hash correctly

Cannabis Distillates

Believe it or not, cannabis distillates are the outcome of marijuana that has been put through the distillation process. Did the name give it away? Even though it might be extremely obvious that cannabis distillates are distilled forms of cannabis, the steps of the distillation process might not be as clear to you, and that’s okay!

Many people are familiar with the process of distilling alcohol, but not as many realize that it is implemented in cannabis production as well. Essentially, a solvent is introduced into the equation, meaning the combination of the solvent and the cannabis results in one of the purest forms of cannabinoids out there.

Usually in favor of THC, the distillation process singles out the cannabinoid. Cannabis distillates are very similar to CBD isolates, but rather than seeking out cannabidiol, the distillation process aims for a mostly-THC finished product.

You may be wondering how in the world the distillation process is so fine-tuned that it can successfully separate THC from CBD and other cannabis compounds. The reason this is possible has everything to do with boiling points!

Each compound within cannabis has its own boiling point, meaning that in order to evaporate all CBD molecules, for instance, the boiling point must reach a certain temperature. In order to leave all THC molecules in tact, scientists would need to adhere to the appropriate boiling points of each cannabis compound. Eventually, this distillation process results in the purest form of THC out there.

Honey Hash Oil

We touched on honey hash oil ever so briefly when talking about BHO, or butane hash oil. As we mentioned, honey hash oil uses honey as the solvent of choice.

When honey oil combines with the cannabis, another element is introduced in order to make honey oil hash. Usually, the additional ingredient is either an alcohol of some sort or acetone, which is then utilized in order to separate the THC from the rest of the plant.

The solvent is later eliminated from the THC by being placed over heat, at which point the solvent will end up evaporating, leaving behind nothing but honey hash oil. With honey hash oil, the expected THC concentration is around 70 percent give or take a percentage — maybe two.

Final Thoughts

Which type of hashish is the best? Deciding between these 3 forms of hashish is a personal choice. It’s all about your preferences! Hash will always cause you to feel high, no matter the form it is in, but it might help you decide if you keep the different THC concentrations in mind.

And nothing’s stopping you from trying each form either! You can always dip your toes in each of the three types of hash, and go from there.