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The White Widow Strain Review

Joining the cannabis scene more than 20 years ago, the legendary White Widow strain is still a fan-favourite among seasoned smokers for its hard-hitting effects and sticky, resin covered buds.

A winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995, the White Widow strain is a cerebral sativa that’s still serving the cannabis community with euphoric effects and intense potency. Here’s our full breakdown on what to expect with this famous and renowned strain. 

White Widow Strain – The Origin Story

white widow

Made famous in the Netherlands through its involvement in legal Dutch Coffee shops, White Widow had a huge impression on the legal cannabis community in a time where cannabis was still largely stigmatized against. Originally cultivated by Green House Seeds, White Widow continued to pick up steam and renown when it won the 8th High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995, only a year after its creation. 

With a THC level that approaches 20% and up, this potent hybrid strain has a euphoric high that’s perfect for the daytime that leaves you functional and productive. This strain has been so popular that many cultivators have taken it upon themselves to crossbreed with the White Widow strain, creating new hybrids with either “white” or “widow” in the strain name to pay homage the original. 


White Widow’s genetics is a result of 2 landrace strains from 2 different areas of the planet. Taking a Brazillian Sativa and a South Indian Indica, Green House Seeds was able to create this perfect hybridized strain. 

Before White Widow flowers, the plant closely resembles its more stout and bushier indica parent. Once the buds begin to mature, they begin to take on more of their sativa heritage to produce longer and more cylindrical shaped buds. 

This strain’s genetics go beyond its global origins. Cultivators prize White Widow for its endurative nature and its lively qualities that helps keep White Widow strong against its environment while also increasing its resin levels and consequently, its THC levels. 

Taking anywhere from 56-63 days to flower, this strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Due to its Brazillian and South Indian heritage, this strain prefers a Mediterranean climate and can reach up to 6 feet tall. 

As its name would suggest, the buds of the White Widow strain are silver-gray in appearance. This is due to the fine dusting of silver-coloured trichomes that frost the surface of each nug. These buds are sticky and covered so densely with trichomes that you’ll be hard pressed to see the strain’s orange coloured pistils. 

Smell wise, this strain is a bit of a surprise. With a name like White Widow, it’s hard to know what to expect. Many users report aromas of musk, pepper, herb and pine while also detecting hints of pungent skunk and light notes of citrus. While the buds themselves have a mild scent, they’re unmistakably pungent once they’re combusted. If you’re smoking this outside, be aware of your surroundings and where you’re at! 

White Widow Strain Effects

The onset of effects for this strain begins with a cerebral head high typical of sativa strains. Euphoria and a happy boost in mood quickly settle in that helps conversation with friends flow while also increasing creativity. Energy is also increased as well, making it an ideal strain for getting a variety of chores and tasks done throughout the day. You might find cleaning, cooking and even exercising much more enjoyable while under this strain’s energizing effects. 

For experienced smokers, the usual White Widow high will last around 1 to 2 hours. It’s ideal for a midday pick-me-up that won’t leave you too blasted to function or too sedated to move. Those looking for an evening nightcap should consider an indica variety instead of this hybridized sativa. 

Ever since its earlier days of fame in the Netherlands, this strain has been used for a variety of medical applications. Many medical patients have used this strain to treat pain, anxiety, insomnia, depression and stress. It rated in the top 15 out of a possible 42 strains for medical use

The White Widow Side-Effects

As with any potent marijuana strain, there comes the usual serving of red-eyes, dry mouth and dizziness that accompany an intense smoking session. Overconsumption of White Widow can also induce feelings of anxiety and paranoia that could ruin the smoking experience for you outright if you’re not careful.

Pay attention to the dosage you take as well as the timing. Responsible usage should keep you clear from these undesirable side effects. 

Final Thoughts

White Widow is the ideal choice for daytime tokers looking for a little pep in their step that won’t leave them in a daze or too sedated to function. This is a potent strain so those looking to reap its benefits should be well versed in cannabis and experienced with the substance before they give White Widow a shot!