Sugar Jack

Who’s Sugar Jack?

Sugar Jack began as a passionate young man growing quality, craft cannabis and creating delicious candies and baked goods. Devoting himself to helping people, Sugar Jack harnessed the healing power of cannabis and other all natural ingredients to create wonderfully delicious edibles that are as fun as they are pure!

Why Sugar Jack’s?

We’re not just passionate about gummies. We’re passionate about cannabis and the healing power it has in bringing together people and communities. Sugar Jack’s aims to be one of the most recognized, trusted and loved cannabis brands in Canada.

We hope to use our passion for quality, potency and flavour to deliver the best and most fun cannabis-infused products on the market!

Where does Sugar Jack’s live?

Sugar Jack was born and still lives in the Great White North. A true Canuck, Sugar Jack’s is proud of the reputation that his great country has developed for cannabis. He is devoted to continuously upholding this world-renowned fame.

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Where are Sugar Jack’s gummies made?

Sugar Jack’s Assorted Gummies are created in beautiful, British Columbia - home to some of the world’s finest cannabis. A member of a fantastic cannabis community, our access to fresh, quality and potent cannabis helps make Sugar Jack’s who it is today!

What is Sugar Jack’s THC potency?

Made in-house using only the finest cannabis, our special cannabis tincture blend has been tested at 95% THC and 99% of total cannabinoids. Made from scratch without any fillers or diluents added, our cannabis blend goes through several rigorous tests to guarantee a quality and potent treat!

What’s so special about Sugar Jack’s gummies?

At Sugar Jack’s, creating some of the world’s best edibles isn’t enough. Creating the world’s best natural edibles is what really matters to Sugar Jack’s. Sugar Jack’s uses only all-natural ingredients for each fun and timeless flavour. This means using real fruit, natural cane sugar and anti-inflammatory Manuka honey.

How are Sugar Jack’s gummies made?

Sugar Jack’s gummies are made with love in small, controlled batches. Candy syrup is first boiled before high-bloom strength gelatin is added along with naturally derived flavours. Our in-house cannabis tincture blend is then added to the syrup blend before it’s emulsified. Sugar Jack’s uses a nano-emulsifier to break down the THC endocannabinoids into water-soluble molecules, ensuring an even distribution and an even dose each time.

Once the syrup is poured into their fun shapes and molds, the gummies are chilled and dried before they’re packaged and delivered!

Raspberry Sugarjack