No artificial flavours.
No artificial sweeteners.
No nonsense.

Sugar Jacks’ commitment to quality, natural ingredients is what makes each package of gummies so delectably delicious.

Sugar Jack Gummy

Timeless Flavours

Classic candy-shop flavours without any of the additives. Each package of Sugar Jack’s Assorted Gummies uses natural flavouring sourced from real fruit to create a fun experience without compromise.

Quality Cannabis

Sugar Jack’s flavours aren’t the only thing that’s natural. To give Sugar Jack’s Assorted Gummies their medicated kick, we make our cannabis infusions from scratch in-house and without the use of any fillers or diluents. Our pure extract is tested at 95% and nano-emulsified using a proprietary process to increase its solubility - guaranteeing a precise dose each time. Each batch is run through several quality control tests to ensure their potency and quality before they’re packaged and delivered!

Naturally Sweet

Sugar Jack’s knows candy, so we know that not all sugars and sweeteners are made equal. That’s why we use natural cane sugar and Manuka honey exclusively from New Zealand. Natural cane sugar gives Sugar Jack’s Assorted Gummies its signature, fun gummy chew while also providing a fuller bodied taste compared to processed sugars. Sugar Jack’s uses Manuka honey over more conventional varieties for its special anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and the unique depth it gives our gummies.

Sugar Jack’s Assorted Gummies taste good, and you’ll feel good eating them, too.

Sugar Jack Gummy Sugar Jack Gummy Sugar Jack Gummy