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What are THC Diamonds? – A Deep Dive

These may not be a girl’s best friend, but they might be a stoner’s best buddy! You may be wondering what the heck are THC Diamonds? Don’t worry, this isn’t an article about jewelry. We’re going to take a deep look into one of the purest and most potent cannabis products available on the market.

You are probably also wondering about one critical topic, will these diamonds get you high? 

Using new technologies (likely while stoned), experts have created this fantastic cannabis concentrate. It may be expensive relative to some other products, but damn do these diamonds pack a punch. Their purity and potency can’t be beaten. They also happen to be very versatile, just about any way you like to get high will work with THC Diamonds. 

You may also hear them called THCA Diamonds (it’s confusing, I know!) but after this in-depth guide, you’ll have everything you ever need to know about this fantastic little concentrate, how they’re made and why these little THC crystals are quickly beating out shatter, budder and live resin in the popularity rankings!

So What Are They Really?

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These products are named based on their appearance. Another set of names used to describe them are THC or THCA crystalline. It’s the same thing, don’t worry! This is because this product actually looks like diamonds. At least the most giant crystals do, with others slightly smaller. 

They may look like granulated sugar and only be a few millimeters wide, but they are highly concentrated. Put simply, these diamonds are pure crystalline THC or CBD. 

The reason why they are at times called THCA diamonds is that technically this term is the most accurate. When exposed to heat, THCA undergoes a process called decarboxylation and converts to THC. What’s important here is that THC-A won’t do much, while it’s THC that gets you baked. Since using this product requires decarbing to be active in your body, some people prefer to cut to the chase and call them THC Diamonds. 

You may be thinking that it is all fine and good, but how does this product stack up to other concentrates? The next section will enlighten you. After that conversation, we’ll learn a bit about their history and then discover how they are made. It’s fun stuff, I promise. 

Comparing THC Diamonds with other Concentrates

You may have already heard about some of the modern concentrates, like live resin, distillates, shatter, and wax. This leads to the obvious question, what makes THC Diamonds unique? The biggest stand-out is purity, with numbers as high as 99.9% THCA in these crystals. The complex process and technology required to make THC diamonds justify the price. 

Not enough for you, well, then compare the potency. Terp Sauce may have 40% THC, while shatter, wax, and budders can reach 60-90% THC. That hash product likely has under 65% THC, while Hash oil can be found anywhere between 30-60% THC. Compare this to the insane purity of THC Diamonds, reaching 99% or more THC. 

For those avoiding smoking plant matter and/or combustion, diamonds are perfect for you. The beneficial impacts of switching to vaping concentrates like THCA diamonds on your lungs may make you wonder why you never switched before!

How THC Diamonds came to be

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Throughout the evolution of cannabis extracts and concentrates, we owe a debt of thanks to the bright individuals who pushed us forward. THC Diamonds broke the THC purity ceiling by being the first product to reach nearly 100% potency. And like with other advances, there are people to thank.

It was Guild Extracts in California that set this mind-boggling record. While other crystalline versions of THCA were on the market, these guys raised the bar. They used something fancy called molecular isolation to create this nearly pure product and reach 99.9% purity. Consumers immediately fell in love with this product and haven’t looked back since. 


Without boring you with too many details, you should understand one process called winterization. While it sounds complicated, all it means is removing extra lipids and other unwanted materials from the product before extraction. Liquid methanol and Isopropyl Alcohol are both used as solvents for this process. Generally, it involves leaving the contents in a freezer for 24 hours. 

After this, weed is combined with the solvent to separate the waxes and chlorophyll from all the good stuff. By removing these substances, you end up with a pure product with an incredibly clean appearance. 

How to Make These Brilliant Crystals?

The process behind making THC Diamonds is not doable at home. Unless you have some advanced lab technology in your garage. These diamonds take expertise and time to create. After finishing the winterization step, several rounds are completed with solvents and pressure. 

The process for making these crystals starts out similar to other concentrates. The first steps are similar to making uncured live resin. The final stages are what makes this product so special. 

This process requires a strong scientific understanding. It also requires knowing how to use a chromatography machine. It also takes more time than some other methods, as we work to get those crystals formed. 

Cold Extraction techniques are used, which is just a fancy way of saying that THCA does not undergo decarboxylation during the process. This is why these THCA diamonds still require heat to become active in your body. A closed-loop system is used for this process. 

All you need to know is that this means even higher production costs. Butane is one commonly used solvent in this process, although several compounds are required to complete it. All of these steps require good safety measures to ensure nobody gets hurt.  

Getting those Crystals 

What truly separates THC Diamonds from other products is their pure and pretty crystallized texture. The reason for this difference involves one major shift. Instead of trying to remove the solvents used as quickly as possible, as is common with most concentrates, this process is prolonged. 

The trick is leaving around 10-15% of the solvent in the product after the first purge. By slowly removing the remaining solvent under pressurized conditions, identifiable crystals begin to form. We owe this magical outcome to the fact that THCA compounds bond to one another, forming crystals. 

After completing this process and undergoing a few rounds in a roto vape, you end up with isolated THCA diamonds. This product is then dried, often taking 3-11 days, depending on who is doing it. All of this extra care and attention is what makes THC diamonds so spectacular. 

What about Diamond Mining?

You may have seen this term used often online. The process is similar to the one just described. The key difference involves the inclusion of sauce. This method results in not just creating THCA Diamonds, but also in the separation of a terp sauce. The liquid and the crystals separate during production. This leaves you with two products, THC Diamonds, and Terp Sauce.

For those wondering what Terp Sauce is, the answer is simple. It is a potent mixture of cannabinoids and terpenes, often more than 50% terpenes. If you want more than just THC or CBD, look for THC Diamonds that are sold while soaking in this Terp Sauce. Totally up to you, pick the product that interests you most. 

How to Smoke THC Diamonds

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If you eat these crystals raw, they won’t get you high. They need to be heated before becoming active. And by active, I mean capable of getting you nice and ripped. You can pick whichever method you want from this point. 

Do you like to smoke, vape, or dab? Whichever you prefer, THC Diamonds can be consumed with these heating methods. Ideally, you want the product to reach temperatures of around 350°F or 176°C before you inhale. 

Whether you add these crystals to your bowl or pipe or add it to joints, the result is a potent THC experience. If you want more flavor and terpenes, you can add Terp Sauce or add Terpenes in one of several available options. Consider buying THC Diamonds in terp sauce if you can’t go without those terpenes. 

While you can enjoy these THC rocks in a variety of ways, they can unfortunately not be eaten as an edible.

Whatever you decide, ensure you manage the dosage carefully. This is an extremely potent product, so start low and go slow lest you green out!

Concluding Thoughts on THC Diamonds

THC Diamonds can be found in America, Canada, and throughout the world. You don’t want some beginner making this product for you. It’s easy nowadays to do some searches online, find the right product for you, and get it shipped to your door.

Make sure you enjoy a high-quality and safe product by buying from a reputable dispensary. Once you try out THC Diamonds, you may find yourself not wanting to go back to anything else.