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How Hemp Wicks Make Weed Taste Better

Cannabis connoisseurs have long held the tradition to keep cannabis supplies within the same family. From rolling papers to hemp wicks, these supplies are some of the most common cannabis products made of pure hemp, the male variant of the cannabis plant.

At Sugar Jack’s, we’re all about great-tasting, natural cannabis products. That’s why we use imported Manuka Honey and all-natural cane sugar to sweeten our scrumptious gummies.

However, did you know that you can also use natural ingredients to improve the flavour of your weed?

Rolling your joints with hemp paper and lighting them with hemp wicks not only improves the overall flavour of the smoking experience but is thought to be a healthier and smoother overall experience. 

Most of you have probably already got your hands on some hemp rolling papers, but that’s only half of the story. The hemp wick is the final piece to the puzzle and can provide several exciting benefits to enhance your smoking experience!

What is a Hemp Wick?

what is a hemp wick

Hemp wicks are long twines of twisted hemp fibres ranging from 5 feet in length to 800 feet in length. They’re made purely of natural hemp and coated are in beeswax to preserve the flavour of the hemp and cannabis. 

Typically, a hemp wick will burn like a fuse on dynamite, meaning that they burn at a moderate pace and should not be lit for too long.

For many cannabis enthusiasts, a hemp wick is an essential piece to the weed kit.

It not only helps with lighting the bowls of weed pipes and bongs but also enhances flavour and reduces harmful exposure to hydrocarbons. Hemp wicks are used alongside lighters and matches.

Why Are They Used? Are Hemp Wicks Better?

For many people, pipes and bongs can difficult to keep lit with a regular butane lighter.

If a butane lighter is kept lit for too long, the surrounding area near the flame can get extremely hot and potentially burn the fingers.

What’s worse is that spoon pipes and bongs usually require the smoker to tilt the lighter at an angle to reach the bowl, which can cause the flame to touch their fingers if not positioned carefully.

To combat this, many people keep a hemp wick handy to easily smoke from their pipes and bongs.

A hemp wick has an advantage over a butane lighter in the sense that it is a thin wire of hemp and beeswax that can easily be bent and shaped to fit into the bowl of a pipe or a bong.

On top of that, when smoking from a pipe or bong, lighters must emit butane to keep the flame alive.

When inhaling the smoke while igniting the cannabis with a lighter, smokers will also inhale some of the hydrocarbons from the butane released from the lighter. In the short term, this may result in a foul or lousy tasting initial puff. 

In the long term, it could deteriorate health, especially if you’re inhaling the butane regularly!

Other Uses Besides Smoking Cannabis

Aside from cannabis, tokers can use hemp wicks for a variety of different things. In ancient civilizations like Rome, similar hemp, flax, and cotton devices were made into strings to light candles and make candles.

Thanks to its beeswax coating, hemp wicks are also well-suited for making candles, lighting stoves, barbeques, or just about anything else that requires a flame and some extra reach.

How to Use a Hemp Wick

how to use a hemp wick

First, start unwinding your wick from one end and remove any adhesive bonding it to its body.

You won’t want to unwind your entire roll, as some hemp wicks can come in extremely long lengths.

Simply unwind as much as you think you might need and then proceed to hold it at its base. To ensure it lights without any issues, keep the free strand away from any wind and light the tip of the wick with a lighter or some matches.

Don’t use the wick to light your joint or bowl just yet. Let the flame burn off any butane and chemicals that the lighter may have transferred to it.

Once you have a gentle and steady flame, you now use the tip of your hemp wick to spark your joint or light your bowl. Simply use the hemp wick as you would any other fire source!

How To Make A Hemp Wick

Hemp wick is a convenient thing to have around. If you prefer to make it yourself rather than buy it at the store, it’s quite simple.

What You Need:

  • A double boiler or small pot
  • Beeswax
  • Hemp Twine
  • Tongs
  • Paper sheet or drop cloth

Step 1

Measure the amount of hemp twine you’ll want to use for your hemp wick. If you’re starting off new, we recommend starting with approximately 5-10 feet with your first batch.

Step 2

Put your beeswax in your double boiler and set it to low heat. The beeswax should melt shortly.

Step 3

Drop your hemp twine into your pot of melted beeswax. Check on it every few minutes stir it with a utensil occasionally. Ensure that all parts of the hemp twine are coated in beeswax.

Step 4

Find a flat surface and place your sheet of paper on it. After your hemp wick has been submerged in the beeswax for half an hour to an hour, remove with tongs and set it to dry on your sheet of paper.

Step 5

With your hemp wick now dried, it should be ready to use. For easy transportation, you can try to find a small item to coil it around, so it does not get tangled. Store it in a dry and cool dry as you would with your cannabis.

Final Thoughts

While butane lighters offer a quick and easy solution to lighting your joints and bowls, they may have harmful effects on your health if inhaled regularly.

A raw hemp wick is only composed of natural hemp and beeswax, making it a great natural alternative to many gas-operated lighters.

Even if you’re not eating Sugar Jack’s all-natural edibles, you can still have an all-natural sesh! Next time, reach for the hemp wick instead of your lighter. Your taste buds (and health) will thank you later!