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Weed Pipe – The Perfect Smoking Compromise

In the holy trifecta of weed accessories, a weed pipe sits proudly next to the likes of joints and bongs, but they’re not as commonplace as you might think.

Despite being incredibly versatile, convenient, and having been utilized for thousands of years, the practice of using a weed pipe has fallen out of vogue in favour of THC vape pens, bongs, and of course, edibles.

For the traditional toker, a weed pipe still presents a readily available and, well, a beautifully classy way of consuming your favourite herb.

If you were feeling hesitant about using a weed pipe or merely unaware of what a weed pipe is, let us break everything down for you so you can toke with confidence!

What is a Weed Pipe?

what is a weed pipe

In layman’s terms, a weed pipe is a small device used to smoke weed. 

Like a bong or other forms of glass and glassware, it can come in a variety of shapes, materials, and sizes, so depending on your smoking style and aesthetic preferences, you can find one that’s perfect for you.

A weed pipe is specifically designed for ease of use and an ideal accessory for a quick, convenient smoke.

Weed pipes typically feature a long and thin cylindrical shape with a large bowl at one end that holds the weed and a mouthpiece on the other where you inhale. 

In 2003, the US Department of Justice launched “Operation Pipe Dreams” in an attempt to target and arrest weed pipe glassblowers across the United States. The charges laid against these artisans eventually led to a resurgence in both the popularity and glassblowing of weed pipe-making that continues well into this day!

It’s important to note that a weed pipe doesn’t necessarily have to be exclusively made of glass. In fact, many of the more affordable cannabis pipes come in plastic, metal, and even classic wooden varieties.

A trip to your local head shop or dispensary will likely yield various pipes in many different colours, materials, and forms. The need to appeal to a wide range of tokers and smokers has even led to continued innovation in the pipe industry, giving rise to newer, more convenient variations. 

Such iterations include one-hitters, designed to clear a bowl in one toke, and vape pipes, which vape cannabis flower instead of combusting it.

Why use a Weed Pipe?

why use a weed pipe

If you’re not an avid smoker, the benefits of using a glass weed pipe or any similar smoking pipe won’t be immediately apparent.

After all, why use a weed pipe when you can roll up a joint or use a bong instead?

While both of these forms of weed consumption are classic and effective, it can take time to learn how to roll a joint and perfect it to an art. Once rolled, you also need a sturdy container to keep your joints from getting wet and bent out of shape.

Bongs also come with their own set of drawbacks. Unless you’re using a bubbler, bongs typically tend to be large, unwieldy, and require water to smoke your weed correctly, not to mention their usually exorbitant price tag.

A weed pipe presents a happy medium between these two smoking devices, providing both the convenience and form factor of a joint while also providing smokers with the huge tokes and potency that make bongs so awesome.

Another point worth noting is that a weed pipe may typically be harsher than joints and bongs due to their shorter pathways limiting the amount of time the smoke has to cool down before it enters your lungs. 

For this reason alone, we wouldn’t recommend beginner tokers to use a weed pipe instead of more conventional and less harsh smoking devices.

In this way, you may want to stick to joints, bongs, and of course, edibles if you’re a new smoker. However, if you decide to venture to try a weed pipe, take smaller, careful tokes. 

Weed Pipe Varieties

Like we’ve said before, a weed pipe does not necessarily need to be made of glass. Although the most common, there are various forms of weed pipe. 

Two of the most popular being: 

Hand Pipes

When it comes to pipes, hand pipes are the most emblematic and probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a weed pipe. Also known as “spoons” or “spoon pipes,” hand pipes are named as such for their small, convenient design that fits in the palm of your hand.

Although the most common ones are available in glass, metal, wood, and even plastic, hand pipes are also viable options. 

If you’re planning to be out and about, a hand pipe is the perfect travelling companion. Heading out on a hike or going on a trip? A hand pipe is the ideal weed pipe to bring along to either enjoy by yourself or with a few friends!


One-hitters are a weed pipe appropriately named for their function. Also known as “chillums,” one-hitters are small, thin cylinders that typically come in a “dug out,” a separate case that stores both the one-hitter and a weed stash.

One-hitters are eponymously named after the small, limited amount of weed that they carry. These devices only have enough weed for one hit and are cleared after one breath.

However, heed our words of caution – these pipes are incredibly harsh, and if you don’t have seasoned lungs, you could be in for a harsh toke.

How to Use a Pipe

If you’ve ever used a bong, learning how to use a weed pipe will be easy as 1-2-3.

  • Take a pinch of ground weed and pack it into the bowl. Take care not to overpack the bowl to ensure even airflow. 
  • Hold the pipe in your hand, place your thumb over the carb (the non-mouthpiece hole) and bring your lips to the mouthpiece.
  • Light the bowl with your lighter, and gently inhale while keeping your finger on the carb.
  • Once your bowl begins to light, take your thumb away from the carb and continue inhaling. You can control the airflow by using your thumb.
  • After the bowl is pooched, cover the carb with your thumb, flip your pipe upside down and blow out to clear the bowl.

Weed Pipe – The Perfect Smoking Companion

At the end of the day, a weed pipe offers the perfect combination of versatility, convenience, and portability. 

This device presents the portability and ease of use of a joint while providing a smoother, larger toke commonly associated with hitting a bong. 

So, if you’re a fan of smoking weed on-the-go or just somebody that hates rolling joints or purchasing pre-rolls, then a weed pipe is the ideal accessory for you.

Of course, packing the perfect bowl ultimately comes down to the quality of the bud you’re using, so always make sure that the weed you buy comes from a legitimate, licensed dispensary to ensure the highest quality.

If you’re looking to venture outside your comfort zone and attempt a new but still traditional smoking method, we would highly recommend giving a weed pipe a try.

Have fun and happy toking!