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Cane Sugar – Naturally Sweet for Naturally Great Edibles

When it comes to adding a little something sweet to the mix, you can never go wrong with opting for good old fashioned natural cane sugar rather than more processed, less organic alternatives.

Using proper ingredients can make or break an edible. They are the essential components that strike the difference between an edible that is just okay and something fantastic and delicious, which is why Sugar Jack’s is so passionate about ensuring that every element we put into our products is of the highest quality and the most natural makeup.

In this way, we are firm believers that simpler is better. You don’t need to add complicated chemicals or overcrowded ingredient lists to create something extraordinary.

Leonardo DiVinci said it best, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

It’s why we infuse our edibles with premium, flavourless THC distillate and infuse it with natural sweetness from cane sugar and manuka honey, to let the quality and flavours speak for themselves without having anything else to hide behind.

Organic cane sugar is what gives Sugar Jack’s gummies their signature, playful chewiness while infusing them with a fuller-bodied taste that can’t be attained through more processed sugars.

Today, we are delving into why we choose to use cane sugar rather than cheaper, more processed alternatives to give you a peek behind the curtain of what makes our product so tasty and memorable!

What is Cane Sugar?

sugar cane

As the name implies, cane sugar comes from sugar cane.

Unlike ordinary refined white sugar, cane sugar still retains some of the sugar cane plant’s molasses and moisture, meaning that it technically contains less sugar and calories per serving, making it a healthier alternative to more processed sugar options.

This fact is also the reason behind its distinct colouring.

Sources conflict regarding the origins of sugar cane and its eventual dispersal to the rest of the world. Thus, the entire sugar cane industry does not have one single and simple place of origin.

However, some sources state that societies in prehistoric Asia likely started producing and manufacturing cane sugar by initially discovering the cane sugar plant and chewing raw sugar cane. 

From there, they began pressing out the juice by using some form of primitive technology.

They then eventually discovered the advantages of boiling the juice into a dense state to be more easily transported and infused into cooking.

Both organic cane sugar and refined white sugar are extracted from sugarcane. However, raw cane sugar is not as refined. Hence, the “raw” part.

It can be found in multiple forms, including cane juice, which can be added to various food, drink and baked goods to sweeten up the flavour. 

Organic cane sugar contains some remnants of the sugarcane plant, as stated before, so its flavour presents a fuller mild toffee-like flavour. In contrast, the white sugar commonly found in grocery stores and retail locations has been processed to remove anything that could add a different flavour aside from being sweet.

While cane sugar is a healthier option than refined sugar products, it should be enjoyed in moderation.

However, it does provide some all-natural benefits, and at Sugar Jacks, we’re all about delivering a naturally good time! 

It’s a Natural Source of Energy

cane sugar as a source of energy

One of the main nutritional benefits of cane sugar is that it is converted into glucose once it enters the bloodstream. Glucose is the simplest form of sugar.

The blood then absorbs the glucose to provide energy to the cells. However, as we previously stated, it should be taken in moderation as ingesting too much of any kind of sugar, refined sugar, or organic cane sugar can lead to adverse health conditions, including obesity and diabetes.

In obesity, the body can be overwhelmed by ingesting too much sugar, causing the energy that is not utilized to be stored as fat.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Cane sugar can be an excellent source of energy to put some pep in your step. It’s just important to practice balance!

It’s a Source of Antioxidants

The sugar cane plant contains multiple nutritional benefits, including its antioxidant properties within the plant material itself.

Less processed or refined sugar thus contains higher levels of antioxidants than other products due to it containing remnants of plant matter that has not been processed out.

Antioxidants perform many benefits within our bodies, including reducing the impacts of oxidative stress from exercise and helping prevent more serious conditions, such as heart disease.

It has Antibacterial Properties

Cane sugar also has antibacterial properties. It has proven to be effective against bacteria such as Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus sobrinus.

Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus sobrinus are commonly found in the mouth and can cause various conditions, including dental plaque tooth decay.

Of course, more research is necessary to confirm, but the health benefits of sugarcane have been celebrated and utilized for thousands of years. In this way, it must be doing something right!

Combined with the natural, antibacterial and antibiotic properties of our other sweet ingredient, manuka honey, you can enjoy the fantastic, natural flavours of Sugar Jack’s gummies and feel good about eating them, too!

Cane Sugar – A Natural, More Robust Flavour

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of cane sugar, compared to other sweeteners and sugars, is the more full-bodied flavour it presents.

Since it contains remnants of sugarcane plant material, organic cane sugar presents a more well-rounded taste that elevates sweetness and the entire flavour profile as a whole.

This element is one of the core reasons we choose to use this sweetener rather than more processed alternatives in our Sugar Jack’s gummies.

While cane sugar operates as a tool to help sweeten our gummies, it also works to contribute to our commitment to using only the finest, most natural ingredients in our products, providing our customers with a delicious experience without compromise.

This ingredient, combined with natural manuka honey and flavouring sourced from real fruit, creates a delectable edible dream that can only be heightened by cannabis infusions made in-house without the use of fillers or diluents.

Put it all together, and we think you’ll agree that it’s a pretty sweet deal in every sense of the word! But don’t take our word for it.

Why not pick up a pack today at an online dispensary and try our gummies for yourself? We’re confident you’re going to love what you get.