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THC Pills – A Portable, Pocket-Sized Way to Dose with THC

With the growing catalogue of evidence to support the claims that smoking is detrimental to your health, alternative ingestion methods, such as THC pills or THC capsules, used to reap the health and recreational benefits of medical marijuana are steadily on the rise.

It’s safe to say at this point that a majority of tokers know that smoking is bad for you, even if it is one of the most popular ways of enjoying weed. 

That said, science doesn’t lie.

Smoking tobacco or cannabis can produce multiple adverse health side effects, such as inhaling tar and other unsavoury carcinogens, leading to more severe conditions.

In terms of longevity, many blazers seek healthier alternatives to enjoy their gorgeous green securely and for longer.

With this in mind, today we are covering one of the safest and all-around most convenient cannabis products for dosing THC whether you’re at home or on the go – THC pills.

In this article, we’ll outline exactly what THC pills are, their benefits, and even how to make them yourself.

Have we piqued your interest? Let’s get started!

What are THC Pills? What are THC Capsules?

what are THC pills

Commonly referred to as weed pills or THC capsules, THC pills are pretty much what they sound like. 

They’re a portable, potent cannabis product most commonly created by infusing some variation of cannabis concentrate with a carrier oil. The mixture is injected into a gelatin capsule that you can easily pop into your mouth and swallow.

Examples of carrier oils include olive oil, MCT oil, or coconut oil, which create weed oil when mixed with cannabis. 

While creating weed oil is rather straightforward and something that cannabis lovers can easily do for themselves at home, there are vital elements to consider to ensure it is created properly. But we’ll return to that point later.

These carrier oils are crucial for creating weed oil and consequent cannabis products, including THC pills. Medical marijuana itself is not all that water-soluble and won’t mix well with water.

However, it is fat-soluble, so a carrier oil is so essential for these products’ overall effectiveness.

One of the features of THC pills that many tokers appreciate is their versatility. THC capsules come in multiple ratios and sizes to suit various tolerance levels and dosage preferences. 

The most commonly found sizes are 5 mg, 10 mg, and 25 mg.If you’re not looking to experience the psychoactive effects of THC, there are also CBD pills available for multiple retailers and dispensaries where you can buy weed online.

However, their versatility doesn’t end there. Users and retailers can create THC pills with various store-bought or homemade concentrates. 

For example, you could use cannabis tinctures, weed oil, or regular flower if that’s what tickles your particular fancy.

The choice is yours!

What are the Benefits?

There are many benefits to using THC pills as your preferred ingestion method. 

As we said before, one of their biggest draws is that users can indulge in the psychoactive effects of medical marijuana without having to worry about inhaling harmful toxins, like carcinogens.

In this way, they offer the most desirable effects of cannabis while also avoiding the harsher, adverse health side effects commonly linked to more traditional ingestion methods, like smoking. 

They’re also awesome because they allow you to bypass other not so fun elements that come with smoking, like coughing so much it feels like you’re going to hack up a lung or burn your throat and lungs, which can cause lasting soreness that can last long beyond the initial sesh.

Both of these side effects are no bueno, as most blazers likely already know.

Suppose you have dietarily-restricting conditions, for example, diabetes. In that case, THC pills also pose a promising alternative because they don’t contain the immense amounts of sugars, additives, or carbohydrates found in a lot of cannabis edibles.

That said, we at Sugar Jack’s are dedicated to creating our products with all-natural flavourings, including Manuka Honey and cane sugar, to present a safer, more transparent product for our customers.

But hey, we get it. 

Sometimes you don’t want to medicate with a sweet nightcap after brushing your teeth, or you’re worried about blood glucose levels after eating something a bit sugary. 

So, in this way, THC pills are an excellent option because they are less likely to lead to blood sugar spikes. Even if you merely have the New Year’s resolution of watching your figure and committing to a healthier lifestyle, THC pills are great for that, too.

Perhaps one of the biggest appeals of THC pills, however, is the driving force behind what influences many tokers’ decisions surrounding cannabis products – potency. 

This feature, in particular, is truly THC pills’ time to shine.

Get ready for a badass bud science lesson. 

Since they are technically cannabis edibles, THC pills must travel through the digestive system, liver and make their way through the GI tract before they are fully absorbed. 

When your body ingests THC, it is converted by the liver and the digestive system into a metabolic byproduct called 11-Hydroxy-THC or 11-OH-THC.

Typically, metabolic byproducts are less active than their initial forms once they are broken down. However, this isn’t the case for 11-Hydroxy-THC.

 In fact, the opposite happens. 

Once metabolized, it becomes even more potent than its original form, THC.

If you’ve ever wondered why edibles seem to be stronger than smoking regular bud, this is why. 

The conversion of THC into 11-Hydroxy-THC is what causes edibles to be so effective and potent for medical patients and recreational users.

So, if you’re looking for a stronger cannabis product that will cause you to get even higher, THC pills are a good way to go. 

What’s more, another righteous benefit of THC pills is that you don’t necessarily have to buy them.

If you’re looking for a fun cannabis-infused DIY project, you can even make THC pills from the comfort of your own home!

How to Make THC Capsules

how to make thc capsules

As we said before, THC pills are widely celebrated for their versatility, and this feature extends to how easy they are to create, allowing users to make them themselves at home if they feel so inclined.

We also mentioned that you could create a THC capsule using various cannabis products. 

Today, we will be featuring three primary and popular examples of making THC pills at home.

Method 1 – Using AVB

already vaped bud

Vaping has quickly become one of the most popular methods for weed lovers to enjoy their favourite bud. Still, if you think that your weed is useless after vaping, you’re sorely mistaken. So, before you empty your vape and toss the remnants, known as AVB or already vaped bud, in the trash, think twice.

Most seasoned blazers may already be aware of this fact, but THC needs to be “activated” to produce its effects and benefits for those who may know. This process is known as decarboxylation. While the term itself may seem overly-scientific, it’s actually very simple in terms of what actually occurs.

Basically, decarboxylation is the process of exposing cannabis to heat in order to “activate” the THC present in your weed, thereby promoting and bringing forth the excellent effects that we all know and love.

This activity is why, even though it contains many health benefits, eating raw weed will not get you high.

So, if you’re a frequent vaper, be sure to save your AVB because you can use it to create THC pills with the added bonus of cutting out the necessity for the decarboxylation process since the bud has already been activating through exposing it to the heat when you initially vaped it in the first place.

In this way, all you need to do is take your AVB and pack it into your THC capsules, and you’re good to go!

Method 2 – Using Fresh Flower

If you don’t have any AVB lying around, that’s okay, too! You can also use fresh flower to create THC pills. It just requires the additional step of decarboxylating your weed.

If you’re intimidated by this, don’t sweat it. We’ll walk you through it.

First, we’ll start with the materials you’re going to need to decarboxylate your weed and make weed oil at home:

  • Weed grinder
  • Fresh flower (duh)
  • Your carrier oil of choice (olive, coconut, MCT oil, etc.)
  • Gelatin capsules
  • A syringe
  • Cheesecloth or coffee filter
  • Parchment paper
  • Frying pan
  • Oven

Step 1 – Decarboxylating Your Weed

That’s right. Decarboxylating your weed is such a straightforward process that it only serves as the first step for the overall creation of THC capsules with fresh weed.

Using your weed grinder, grind up your bud, but not too finely. Next, cover a baking sheet in parchment paper and preheat your oven to 105° C (220° F).

Spread your now-ground cannabis evenly across the baking sheet and place it in the oven. Bake it for approximately 35 to 40 minutes or until the buds appear light brown.

Be sure to flip the weed halfway through the baking time to ensure full coverage and that all of it is activated. That’s all there is to it! You have officially completed the decarboxylation process.

Easy, right?

Step 2 – Infusing Your Carrier Oil

Whether you opt for olive, MCT, or coconut oil, place your carrier oil of choice in a frying pan on the stove and put it on a low simmer. Once it is properly heated, mix in your decarboxylated weed and stir incrementally for a minimum of one hour.

A word of advice, the longer you leave the bud/oil mixture on a low simmer, the more potent the end product will be. Still, that said, you can leave it on for too long, which will cause the oil to turn black and develop a distinct and unsavoury bitter taste.

So, we would recommend removing the mixture from heat after three hours max.

Step 3 – Filling Your Capsules

Once the allotted cooking time is complete, remove the decarboxylated weed and carrier oil mixture from heat and strain it through the cheesecloth or coffee filter and discard whatever is left over.

Allow the newly-formed weed oil to cool entirely before pulling it into the syringe to your desired dosage level and injecting it into the gelatin capsules. Once filled, you can store your THC capsules and any remaining weed oil in the fridge for months at a time.

However, you must take the proper storage measures to ensure optimal results, meaning you should use an airtight, opaque container.

Method 3 – Using Tinctures

Okay, so you don’t vape, and you also don’t want your house to smell like a grow house – what are your options for making THC pills and capsules?

You can skip the entire decarboxylation process by moseying yourself on over to an online dispensary Canada and grabbing yourself a THC tincture.

THC tinctures offer concentrated doses of both THC and CBD in liquid form, so if you want to skip the DIY weed oil process, you can pick up one of these tinctures and fill your gelatin capsules with them.

Of course, one might ask why you would want to make THC pills when you already have a THC tincture on hand, but nobody’s here to judge. Sometimes, you just can’t keep a fragile glass bottle on your person at all times – they just don’t have that kind of durability. 

THC pills on the other hand, do, and you can easily put a couple in a zip-lock bag and medicate when you’re away from home, on an outdoor excursion, or at work!

THC Pills – A Discreet Way to Dose on the Go

As we’ve outlined throughout this article, there are nearly countless benefits to trying THC pills.

They are an excellent method for switching from more traditional ingestion methods, such as smoking, to a safer, healthier, and more sustainable way to enjoy a dose of THC and reap the benefits of your favourite icky sticky.

They also serve as an extremely convenient and discreet way to dose on the go without drawing too much attention to yourself, with the advantage of being pocket-sized, making it easy to transport and take whenever, wherever your stoner heart desires.

Additionally, if you’re looking to dabble in a fun DIY project with some bodacious bud or AVB, you can easily make THC pills at home. 

However, if you’d rather skip the creation process, just visit an online dispensary Canada where you’ll find dozens of THC pills in different potencies, ratios, and even flavours!

In that case, if you do choose to purchase instead of make, all that’s left to do is sit back, relax, and wait to experience the healing effects.

Have fun and enjoy!