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Why Nano Gummies are more Fast-Acting Than Traditional Edibles

Before you start thinking that nano gummies are some new, high-tech robotic technology vying to obliterate traditional types of edibles like a pack of sweet, gooey super villains, you may be sorely disappointed.

That said, they are still super cool, highly advanced, and well worth talking about!

In the realm of cannabis edibles, you may have seen the term ‘nano emulsion’ or ‘nano emulsified’ on an item’s label or while reading a product description online, even on our own Sugar Jack’s website, but do you actually know what it means?

If you don’t, that’s okay! Most everyday tokers won’t. However, nano edibles serve as a discrete, delicious, and more bioavailable method to have you feeling the effects of your cannabis edible that much sooner.

It sounds good in theory, but how does it work? Let’s find out!

What is a Nano Gummy?

nano gummy

First, let’s take a step back and reflect on a common (or at least we hope common) piece of knowledge that most of us have picked up in our lives surrounding oil and water. Namely, the fact that they don’t mix.

You’d think this would be a pretty universal concept, right?  Well, not necessarily. In the case of cannabis nanoemulsions, it’s not as black and white.

Thanks to the advancement of nanotechnology, cannabis has become far more versatile. As such, it can now be infused into a wide range of consumable products, including drinks, chocolates, tinctures, or, in this instance, THC gummies, for users’ pleasure and convenience.

Basically, emulsification is the same reason why your salad dressings stay together. However, unlike salad dressing, which will eventually separate again over time (nothing a quick shake can’t fix, mind you!), CBD or THC emulsion must be conducted on a nanoscale to ensure the task is performed properly for users to experience the desired results.

Essentially, cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, in their natural state are lipophilic, meaning that they don’t naturally mix well with water. However, they are oil-soluble. In other words, they mix well with oils and fats.

We create cannabis nanoemulsions by taking large cannabis oil droplets and breaking them down into tiny water-soluble cannabinoids that can more easily mix with water. This process enhances the bioavailability of these cannabinoids. 

In other words, the THC in nano gummies and edibles are more easily absorbed by the body! 

How do we Create Nano Gummies?

To create our nano emulsified THC, we begin by breaking down the cannabinoids to a microscopic level and suspending these particles in an emulsion. 

An emulsion is a mixture of two or more liquids that normally don’t mix – in this instance, cannabinoids and water – typically with one liquid containing a dispersion of the other.

Sometimes, edible creators will also introduce an emulsifier, which is a substance that stabilizes an emulsion by increasing the kinetic stability of the mixture. 

When the THC or CBD is thus properly introduced, and the infused product is well-balanced, it becomes safe and stable while maintaining its potency.

This added level of versatility allows edible creators to craft a wide range of tasty treats to appeal to cannabis enthusiasts, including those who are more risk-averse to traditional consumption methods, such as smoking, due to its negative health impacts.

Thus, they can create other smoke-free alternatives, such as brownies, cookies, beverages, and, of course, nano gummies! 

Thanks to this complex, involved creation process that increases bioavailability, nanoemulsions can be used to increase the effectiveness of these cannabis edibles in a shorter period of time, which we’ll explain in further detail below.

What is the Onset Time of Nano Gummies?

nano gummies onset time

According to research, the absorption rate of THC from traditional edibles can be as low as 6%. To put this into context, if you were to ingest a 20mg THC edible, you might only feel around 1.2mg of the actual THC.

However, findings surrounding the absorption rate of cannabinoids from nanoemulsion, specifically, found the same statistics to be over 90%. In other words, from that same 20mg edible, you would absorb and reap the effects of roughly 18mg of its THC content.

Are you wondering how long for edibles to kick in? Overall, traditional cannabis edibles take anywhere from 45 minutes to up to two hours to kick in, depending on the individual user’s metabolism and whether they had anything to eat before.

Unlike traditional edibles, which utilize fat-soluble cannabinoids, nano gummies instead contain tiny, water-soluble cannabinoids, meaning that the onset time for users to feel the effects is significantly shorter.

This difference is because, within your body’s endocannabinoid system, nano gummies work differently. 

By encasing the cannabinoids in a layer of molecules that can dissolve in both water and in fat during the initial emulsion creation process, it is easier for the body to absorb nano gummies.

So, unlike more traditional edibles, nano gummies are absorbed into the bloodstream very, very quickly. 

Since they are already broken down and small, they pass directly through the digestive system and are delivered directly into the bloodstream.

The water-solubility of nano gummies means faster absorption, and the THC in nano gummies will likely reach the brain before the digestive system gets too involved. 

In short, this means that the typical THC to 11-Hydroxy-THC conversion that usually occurs with traditional edibles is avoided entirely.

With this in mind, unlike the typical 60 to 120-minutes it takes to ‘feel ‘a traditional gummy, and then the additional time it takes for the effects to