THC Gummies


THC Gummies – Cannabis Edibles You Need To Try

THC gummies, edibles, and other weed consumables have landed.

With Weed 2.0  entering into full swing,  gone are the days where flower and pre-roll joints were the only widely available way to get high.  Packed with flavour, potency, and of course, THC, tasty THC gummies and cannabis edibles are growing more and more popular as a smoke-free alternative to medicating that’s great for beginners and veterans alike.

THC gummies are, undoubtedly, a sweet way to get high, but not all edibles are made equally.

When it comes to edibles, THC,  cannabis extracts, and other cannabis compounds play a large role in the final taste, mouthfeel, and experience that they can provide. We’re not trying to tell you that gummy bears are better tasting than coca-cola bottles, but a difference definitely exists between, say, edibles made with weed oil and edibles made with distillate.

Entering into the weed gummies market for the first time and not sure what select options are best for you? We’re here to break down the best and worst of THC gummies!

What Are THC Gummies?

No surprises here – THC gummies are exactly what they sound like – candy gummies that are infused with THC. CBD edibles exist as well, but for the purposes of this deep dive, we’ll be discussing weed gummies that’ll get you baked!

Edibles, weed gummies, and other weed edibles all have one thing in common – they have THC infused in them somehow. We’re not talking about finding bits of live resin in your edibles like you would with marshmallows in a tub of Rocky Road ice cream – cannabis products infused with THC use a variety of extracts to give it that psychoactive kick.

Extracts can range from cannabis oil to weed butter and THC distillate to isolate. The THC gummy is a versatile way to get high, but there are some extracts you’ll want to look out for compared to others.

What to Look Out For in Weed Edibles?

Taste is, undoubtedly, of paramount importance.

The cannabis extract that manufacturers choose to use has a huge effect on the end-taste of the product, and there are some options that are definitely better than others.

Here’s what they are:

Weed Butter

Weed Butter

Commonly used with infused pastries and baked goods, weed butter is regular butter that has been infused with cannabis.

Cannabis butter is most commonly made by simmering water, butter, and cannabis over low heat for a considerable amount of time in order to infuse the slurry with THC and other desirable cannabinoid compounds.

It’s a great option if you want to make your own THC infused gummy bears or baked goods at home, but we have to tell you now that products made with weed butter will taste undeniably dank.

Now, that might be something you’re looking for in an edible. However, the overwhelming majority of edible consumers turn to edibles precisely because they want to avoid that pungent, sticky-icky flavour. If you’ve ever had a baked edible before yourself, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

With that being said, it really boils down to preference. It’s not like cannabis gummies will have butter in them, to begin with, anyways.

Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil

Following in the same vein as cannabis butter is cannabis oil. This is made in mostly the same fashion as cannabutter, and as such, will taste pungently dank as well.

Unlike cannabutter, cannabis oil is a common ingredient used in the production of many THC gummy varieties available today. It’s easy to make, relatively inexpensive to produce, and easy to infuse into candy and gummy moulds.

We’ll let you be the judge of whether or not gummies made with cannabis oil are worth it. If it was up to us, we would steer clear of the canna-burps and look for another option.

Another reason to avoid cannabis oil in gummies? To save money on costs, many producers will opt to spray their gummies with cannabis oil instead of infusing them outright in the production process. This not only makes the gummies taste (and smell) unbelievably pungent, but it also makes for a lower potency product that lacks the same extreme kick and potency that an edible should provide.

THC Distillate

When it comes to THC gummies and edibles, you either go with THC distillate or go home.

There’s a reason for that, and it goes beyond us using it in our products (we promise).

THC distillate is a premium cannabis extract. The production process is extremely mechanically involved and requires quite a bit of know-how and cannabis insight in order to be done right. Basically, THC distillate is a cannabis extract that has all of the cannabis plant’s lipids, fats, and chlorophyll (the compounds that make cannabis green) removed leaving behind a pure, concentrated THC extract that contains nothing else but THC.

The benefits of this are obvious, but if they aren’t to you, here’s what they are:

THC distillate is flavourless, which means you won’t experience any of that pungent dank flavour you would get from eating an edible made with cannabutter or cannabis oil.  Edibles made with this concentrate won’t taste much different from a regular gummy or piece of candy, which lets the candy maker’s tasty talents really shine through in the product.

Sugar Jack's THC Gummies

We don’t know about other candy makers, but the only thing you’ll taste with Sugar Jack’s edibles are natural fruit flavours, naturally sweet Manuka honey, and natural cane sugar. It’s an all-natural flavour for a naturally good time – at least that’s what we think!

THC Gummies – Where Flavour Reigns Supreme

Let’s be honest, the primary draw of THC gummies and edibles is not in the potency, but in the flavour. If flavour didn’t matter, then it’ll be much simpler and easier to have a few drops from a THC or CBD tincture instead.

You owe it yourself (and your stomach) to select edibles that are made with the highest quality ingredients and the highest quality cannabis extracts. That’s why at Sugarjacks’, we only use THC distillate, natural manuka honey, natural flavourings, and natural cane sugar in each and every one of our CBD and THC gummies.

The next time you’re in the market for some psychoactive gummies, do yourself a favour and pick up a bag of Sugarjacks.