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Best Baked Edibles – Delicious Cannabis Recipes

If you ever tried weed-infused baked edibles, you know how amazing they are!

We are talking brownies, cookies, croissants, sourdough bread, and so many more goodies. Yes, these treats are all tasty on their own but adding some weed to the picture takes things to a whole new level. 

That being said, if you don’t know how to bake these cannabis goodies, don’t worry. 

We are here for you to break down the different types of baked edibles out there that you can enjoy, explore the benefits that edibles provide both medical patients and recreational consumers and cover how to bake some of the best weed edibles. 

Let’s get baking!

What are Baked Weed Edibles?

Baked edibles are baked goods that you infuse with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the primary driver of the ‘high’ that we all associate with cannabis. 

There are also edibles infused with CBD, known as CBD edibles, used to manage pain and ease aches.

What’s great about edibles is that they provide a smoke-free option for patients and consumers.

So, take any baked treat you can think of and infuse some THC. What you get are baked marijuana edibles that you can enjoy in a delicious way without smoking or vaping. For more information on the differences between smoking and eating weed, check our guide ”Edibles vs Smoking: Is There a Difference?

You can find delicious marijuana edibles with various potencies and ingredients to meet just about any dietary need. The world of baked edibles is vast and worthy of time spent exploring.

Different Types of Baked Edibles

types of baked edibles

There are basically limitless unique baked edibles out there. Any baked good can be infused – with enough time, effort, and expertise. 

That being said, in order to make your life easier and narrow down the choice,  we came up with key cannabis-infused baked categories. Generally, these recipes are made using cannabutter or cannabis oil.

The first category includes the ones you probably expect: cannabis cookies of all shapes and sizes infused with the wondrous power of THC. There are also the familiar pot brownies with all their notoriety and fame. Finally, we have cakes such as the space cake, which can really be any cake you like. 

There are also baked edibles you probably haven’t even thought of before. You can make any delicious and flakey pastry you like. Yes, that includes croissants. Do you prefer a bit more crunch? How about a baked crumble with your favourite fruit?  

We can’t forget about bread! Any roll, muffin, loaf, or bagel of all sorts can be made into infused edible products. With all of these options, it can be hard to pick just one. There are more and more cannabis products entering the market each day to help meet the needs of consumers who want the treats described above.

Benefits of Baked Cannabis Edibles

There are so many reasons why you need to try baked edibles. 

For example, many baby boomers love edibles because they don’t want to smoke or vape any cannabis product. Instead, they want to get the benefits of THC while eating or drinking their cannabis. 

Edibles can also provide hours of relief, making them great for treating various conditions. 

Since the goals are so different, let’s look at both medical patients and recreational consumers.

Medical Benefits

baked edibles

Medical cannabis patients often want two things, immediate relief and lasting relief. 

While smoking and vaping are the quickest ways to experience the needed effects, edibles win when it comes to lasting results. 

How Long Do Edibles Last? – A Guide To Dosing

Medical patients use edibles to provide the hours of relief they need without having to smoke all day long. Once patients determine the dose that provides effective results, they can easily repeat this daily. This daily consistency and sustained relief make edibles a go-to for many chronic conditions.

Recreational Consumers

Moving over to the recreational world of cannabis, we find individuals with different interests and goals. 

Recreational consumers want to get high – and baked cannabis edibles sure can do that. Many recreational consumers want to enjoy THC without smoking or vaping, and edibles hit just the right spot. 

Why go out in the cold to smoke when you can watch movies while munching on baked edibles. Additionally, consumers who want an intense body high with almost psychedelic effects often go with edibles over inhalation.

Best Baked Edibles – Delicious Cannabis Edibles

As far as legendary baked edibles go, we got the best one right here. You’ve likely heard of them before and maybe even had one or two. So let’s review some of them below.

Cannabis Cookie

There is no single perfect or typical cannabis cookie. Although chocolate chip weed cookies certainly top most minds. That said, go with whatever you like. 

If you don’t like raisins, then don’t use them. Do you want peanut butter? Go for it. You can make any delicious cookie that much better by using some weed butter instead of standard butter.

Ultimately, the cannabis cookie is as effective as it is simple. With just a few ingredients and like 30-minutes, you can have marijuana cookies ready to eat. Furthermore, weed cookies are already portioned out into individual cookies. All you need to do is find out how one impacts you, and the rest of the batch is yours to enjoy. You can even start with half a cookie and see how it goes.

For more information on cannabis cookies and how to make them, click on this recipe, “How to Make Homemade Cannabis Cookies.” 

Pot Brownie

pot brownies

Not long before the 1960s hippie movement, the official emergence of the pot brownie began. 

The self-titled cookbook ‘Alice B. Toklas Cookbook‘ was published in 1954. It contained a recipe called “Haschich Fudge” that is now recognized as the first publication of a pot brownie recipe. 

Although this specific recipe made gooey fudge balls, not like our modern pot brownies, it spread the idea around America.

Pot brownies have even been used in research to help us look at THC dosage (and in research titles just for effect). For those wondering, 10mg of THC was good for most people, while 25mg and 50mg doses caused some distressing effects. 

With this in mind, if you’re new to edibles, start with a dose under 10mg of THC to avoid experiencing a green out.

For more information on how to make pot brownies, check our recipe.

Space Cake

space cake baked edibles

The Space Cake can be any cake you like, although some believe it must be made using cannabutter. 

Space cakes are often on the lighter and fluffier side, not as decadent as the other two on this list of baked edibles.

The official term seems to have started in the Netherlands. This classic dutch specialty was and is a mainstay in local cannabis cafes. These treats go perfectly with an espresso or Americano. Imagine how wonderful it must be to enjoy this perfect pairing in an authentic Dutch weed cafe. 

While most of us aren’t so lucky, we can all make space cakes at home. Click on How to Make a Space Cake That’s Out of This World to find out how.

Finishing our Marijuana Baked Edibles

Whether you make them yourself or buy them, baked marijuana edibles are simply a fantastic treat. 

They can be so tasty that it’s hard to stop eating them. So you may want to back up some snacks to help satisfy your munchies

Now you know why baked edibles are so incredible. The next time you want to get baked, consider a baked edible.

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