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How to Make Weed Butter for DIY Edibles in 3 Easy Steps

The beauty in learning how to make weed butter lies not in the end product but in its ease of production and accessibility. You don’t need to be a cannabis connoisseur or expert chef to make cannabutter – you need to have a bit of patience, a willingness to learn, and a bit of elbow grease to make cannabis butter that’s ready to be used in a variety of fun, tasty ways!

Cannabis butter, at the end of the day, is just another way to consume cannabis. Many opt to use cannabis edibles as an alternative to smoking. It’s an efficient and hassle-free way to consume cannabis in the form of baked goods without drawing too much attention to yourself or having to invest in rolling equipment.

Cannabutter is also slowly starting to eliminate the stigma against cannabis itself; as more and more consumers begin to experiment with the plant, an increasing portion of the population is also starting to open up to and appreciate the benefits of and about cannabis.

This cannabutter recipe is easy to make and won’t require more than a few household kitchen appliances to create, so without further ado, let’s get into making some delicious, cannabis-infused butter!

How to make Cannabis Butter – What You’ll need

The tools you’ll need to create cannabis-infused butter are easily located in any kitchen. Chances are, you’ll already have all of these lying around your house!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Oven or toaster oven
  • 1 1/2 cup of water
  • Hand grinder/ scissors
  • Baking sheet/ parchment paper
  • Sheet pan/baking dish
  • 8 ounces of unsalted butter or coconut oil
  • Saucepan or pot
  • Wooden spoon
  • Cheesecloth or coffee filter
  • Glass containers/mason jar
  • 1/2 ounce of quality cannabis

How to Make Weed Butter Step 1 – Decarboxylating

decarboxylation butter

The first step to making cannabis butter involves your oven, your weed, and a baking sheet. Before we do anything, we’ll need to decarboxylate our cannabis. This scientific-sounding word sounds difficult, but all it really means is popping our cannabis plant material into the oven to “activate ” it.

This is an important step because quote-on-quote “raw” cannabis itself is actually not psychoactive. To feel the effects of marijuana, heat needs to be applied to transform THC-A, a non-psychoactive compound, into THC, its psychoactive cousin.

Here’s how you decarboxylate your weed:

  • Preheat oven to 105 °C (220 °F)
  • Begin by grinding/cutting up your weed into coarse bits. This increases the bud’s surface area and makes it easier to bake evenly. Aim for a consistency you’ll use for a joint.
  • Prepare a sheet pan or baking dish with some parchment paper before evenly spreading your ground weed on top.
  • Place your sheet pan into your oven for 20-45 minutes. The time your weed takes to decarboxylate will vary depending on the kind of your oven, how fine you grind your weed, and where you’re located. Moisture and altitude actually affect how long you’ll want to decarboxylate your cannabis.
  • Carefully monitor your weed and make sure to gently mix every 5-10 minutes, so it doesn’t burn. Once your weed is a dark, golden brown, it’s ready to go.

How to Make Weed Butter Step 2 – Infusion

A word of warning for our home-chefs – this recipe is dank. If you’re planning on making cannabutter at home, you better be prepared for your place to reek like cannabis flower for a considerable amount of time. We advise chefs to use a portable stove and prepare their cannabutter outdoors or on a balcony to avoid the lingering smell.

Here’s how to infuse your cannabutter:

  • Add the butter and water to your pot/saucepan over very low heat.
  • Let the butter melt before adding in your decarboxylated cannabis. Mix well and allow the melted butter to saturate your cannabis completely.
  • Allow the mixture to gently simmer for 3 to 4 hours taking care to gently stir every half-hour to make sure your potent butter isn’t burning or sticking to the bottom of the pot. This process allows the cannabinoids to leave the plant material and infuse into our sticks of butter.

How to Make Weed Butter Step 3 – Straining

straining cannabis butter

Once your weed is infused with your butter, you’ll want to strain it to remove every bit of pant matter before using it in your recipes.

Take your cheesecloth or coffee filter and slowly pour the mixture out into a container. Usually, you’d want to squeeze the filtrate to get everything out, but doing so here will make your butter extra bitter.

Once completely strained, place your infused butter into the fridge and allow it to cool overnight. Once cooled, you should see a fair amount of water collecting on the top of your container. Dump this liquid out, and you’ll get some potent cannabutter that can be used in a variety of recipes to make homemade edibles!

You can use this butter immediately or store it in the freezer for up to six months.

Best Ways to Use Cannabutter?

how to make cannabis butter

If you want to make edibles or marijuana-infused baked goods at home, cannabutter is perhaps the best ingredient to use. Learning how to make weed butter isn’t the hard part – figuring out your dose is. We don’t recommend substituting regular butter with cannabutter as the potency could be drastically different from what you’re expecting.

Instead, try substituting a tablespoon at a time to build your tolerance and get used to the potency before adding more. Cannabutter can be used with various ingredients and can be used to take your cooking to a ‘higher’ level!

For us, we love to use cannabutter in recipes that don’t require too much of the cannabis flavoured butter. As an infused product, this ingredient will influence how your dishes will end up tasting. Cooking with cannabutter, in this case, could be challenging, as extra steps might have to be taken to mask or cover up the dank taste.

Edibles, too, might taste exceptionally pungent depending on how well you and how long you’ve infused your butter for.

Avoiding a Pungent Taste

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