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Weed Hot Chocolate – Three Ways to Put a New Spin on an Old Classic

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and treats are aplenty, with weed hot chocolate presenting the perfect compromise between reexperiencing childlike wonder and indulging in the healing happiness of your favourite icky sticky. 

We all remember the nostalgia of having snow-fueled adventures during the winter months. Building snowmen, making snow angels and having epic snowball fights. If you don’t, you’ve likely seen what it looks like on TV and in movies. 

Regardless, what better way to warm up after a day of frozen fun than with a piping hot cup of hot chocolate? 

Now that we’re older, we have the option of kicking things up a notch and indulging in a different way by combining two of our favourite things into one. 

Today, we are going to teach you how to make weed hot chocolate in three different variations. So get ready because things are about to get all kinds of delicious! 

Recipe #1 – Using AVB

weed hot chocolate recipe

Already vaped bud, or AVB for short is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the weed leftover after using a dry herb vaporizer. Vaping bud, instead of straight-up smoking, leaves behind brownish remnants of the weed that, contrary to what you might think, is still suitable for future usage. 

In other words, don’t throw away your leftover weed just yet! Just when you think that it’s over and done with, we are here to tell you that, depending on the vaping method, temperature and length of the sesh, there may still be a substantial amount of THC remaining in the dry bud that is ripe for the picking. 

Since weed used in a dry vaporizer is heated up slowly over a lower temperature, the process of decarboxylation, or “activating” the cannabis, has already been completed. 

Usually, weed is decarboxylated through combustion (smoking a joint or a bowl) or baking (in the oven). Vapes act as mini weed ovens, so your AVB is good to eat as is or ready to be infused into your foods and drinks, as we’ll soon go over below! 

To make weed hot chocolate using AVB, you will need the following:


  • Coffee filter or cheesecloth 
  • Coffee cup/mug
  • Thermos or teapot 
  • Weed grinder
  • Medium saucepan or microwave


  • 1 cup of whole milk (or creamy consistency dairy, but lactose alternatives will also work) 
  • 0.5g AVB
  • Your favourite premade packet of hot chocolate mix 


  1. Grind your AVB as finely as possible to get the most cannabinoids out of it 
  2. Bring milk to a boil either in a saucepan or the microwave. 
  3. Add 0.5g of AVB into the teapot or thermos along with the now-boiled milk. 
  4. Let the mixture sit for about 25 minutes while occasionally stirring every couple of minutes. 
  5. Strain the milk into your coffee cup or mug using the cheesecloth or coffee filter 
  6. Add hot cocoa mix and stir. 

That’s it! That’s all she wrote. AVB weed hot chocolate is an excellent way to use your already vaped bud because it allows you to create a delicious and potent edible without buying any extra ingredients or material. 

In this way, your weed can relive its glory even after it’s vaped, and you can reap the benefits of the THC in your AVB to give yourself and your body some much-needed TLC! Not to mention, you get more bang for your buck as well. It’s a win-win! 

Recipe 2 – Using Weed/Cannabutter

canna butter

The beauty of weed butter, also known as cannabis butter or cannabutter, is how easy it is to make and how accessible it is. When it comes to learning how to make weed butter, you don’t need to be a professional chef or seasoned cannabis connoisseur to pull it off. It’s one of the most straightforward cannabis edibles to make!

For the full breakdown of the entire process in detail, check out our article on how to make weed butter

Essentially, the most critical element to making weed butter is performing decarboxylation through heating your bud in an oven or toaster oven to activate the righteous THC. For making cannabutter, you’ll need to heat at least ½ ounce of quality cannabis. 

From there, add 8 ounces of unsalted butter and 1 ½ cups of water into a pot or saucepan and heat over low heat until the butter is melted. Then, mix in the decarbed weed and allow the melted butter to saturate it fully. 

This mixture should be left to simmer for 3 to 4 hours while occasionally gently stirring every half hour to prevent burning or sticking. 

Finally, pour the mixture through cheesecloth or some sort of filtering apparatus to cipher out any remaining plant matter before using the product to create other edibles, which, for this article, is weed hot chocolate. 

Once strained, the infused butter should be refrigerated and allowed to cool overnight.

making hot chocolate

To make weed hot chocolate using weed butter, you’ll need: 


  • Saucepan
  • Mug  
  • Coffee filter 


  • 1 tbsp cannabutter 
  • 3 ½ tbsp superfine sugar 
  • 2 tsp ground cinnamon (optional) 
  • Two ¼ cups whole milk (lactose-free alternatives will also suffice) 
  • 4 oz semisweet chocolate broken into chunks


  1. Place the cannabutter, milk, sugar, and cinnamon into a medium saucepan and bring to a boil on low heat. 
  2. Take off heat and allow the mixture to sit for about 20 minutes. 
  3. Add the chocolate to the milk and stir over low heat until the chocolate has melted. 

When making weed butter, it is best to make enough to experiment with multiple recipes to figure out which edibles are most to your liking. 

Weed hot chocolate infused with weed butter is an ideal and delicious way to enjoy something warm and sweet on those cold, lazy winter days while also providing a straightforward method of easing into the fun and exploratory world of creating your own cannabis edibles. 

Recipe 3 – Using a Weed Cookie 

Not everyone is looking to indulge their inner-chef when it comes to enjoying the benefits of edibles like weed hot chocolate, and that’s okay! The holiday season is about taking some much-deserved time off to rest, reflect and regenerate. 

In this sense, why not let someone else do all the heavy lifting and eliminate the necessity and involved process of grinding down your AVB and straining it or going through the meticulous process of making your own cannabutter? 

Instead, opt for the easy way out by merely following the instructions on the back of your favourite pre-made hot chocolate mix and adding a little something extra in right at the end.

Sugar Jack’s 50mg THC Ginger Molasses Cookies are blended with the perfect amount of spicy, delicious ginger and a boost of sweetness to make them irresistible to any sweet-tooth. Each cookie comes with 50m of nano-emulsified THC distillate to ensure accurate dosing every time. 

So, instead of going through the tedious process of cooking yourself, let Sugar Jack’s do all the heavy lifting and simply crumble up these delicious cookies into your hot chocolate for a delightful combination of sugar, spice and a precise dose of THC that is oh so nice. 

If you don’t want to crumble the entire cookie into there, that’s okay too! The beauty is that you can put in, however much you want. Even if you don’t want to crumble it into your drink, another option would be to simply dip it in and take a bite that way.

After all, all good cookies are meant for dipping! 

Weed Hot Chocolate – Get Cozy with Cannabis this Winter 

There’s something soothing and comforting about the idea of grabbing your favourite fuzzy blanket and feeling the warmth of hot chocolate spread throughout your body. 

One way to take this experience to the next level is to grab your favourite icky sticky and allow the warmth of the hot chocolate and the healing, relaxing benefits of bud to come together in a delightful synergy to create an atmosphere of pure contentment. 

This holiday season spread some holiday cheer by indulging in a classic cozy beverage with a new modern twist. Whether you use already vaped bud, cannabutter or a delicious Sugar Jack’s Ginger Molasses Cookie, we can guarantee you that you are in for a rich, delicious, and sweet experience. 

As with all edibles, it will take some time to feel the effects of weed hot chocolate, so be sure to adhere to the regular rules of waiting at least 2 hours before ingesting more. As the saying goes, all good things come to those who wait. 

Have fun and enjoy!