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5 Reasons Weed Gummies are the Most Popular Weed Edible

Weed edibles have taken over the world by storm, but weed gummies remain the top choice for both recreational and medicinal users. 

What once began as infused, homemade brownies and cookies baked in weed enthusiasts’ kitchens have since grown into an international, multimillion-dollar industry. 

These days, cannabis consumers worldwide can get instant access to marijuana edibles such as THC-infused drinks, weed cookies, and even THC syrups, whether they choose to purchase them pre-made or have their own little DIY project at home!

The future looks bright for weed edibles, but despite all the industry’s innovation, there’s one product format that holds fast as a staple within the cannabis community – weed gummies. 

Weed gummies remain the number one choice of tokers and patients across all experience and tolerance levels for various reasons. 

But just what is the secret behind these chewy, bite-sized morsels of weed goodness? We’re about to tell you! 

Why Weed Gummies are the Most Popular

We were all kids once. Do you ever pass by a candy store and feel your heart get struck by sudden pangs of nostalgic bliss? All those moments spent enjoying a pack of fruity chewy treats during lunchtime, or the times we’ve craved them after dinner? 

Gummies pack a severe nostalgia factor, but the simple truth is – they’re just great! 

Gummies are fun to eat, and their chewy bounciness is part of why we enjoy them so much. There’s no science behind that – it’s just fact! 

But beyond the nostalgia they invoke and their inherently delicious nature, there are a few other reasons why weed gummies are every toker’s top pick.

They’re a Healthier Alternative

We’ve touched briefly on the other kinds of edibles available in the cannabis market today. You have drinks, syrups, brownies, and cookies as the most popular options, with hard candies and lollipops coming in last. 

Weed gummies, as you likely know, occupy a category entirely their own.

On top of tasting great and being fun to eat, weed gummies also don’t have as much sugar, butter, or fat as the other types of edibles we’ve mentioned so far. 

Hard candies don’t either, but when was the last time you reached for a lollipop instead of a gummy?

Not to brag or anything, but we think the gummies we’ve made are pretty great. Sugar Jack’s gummies have all the low-calorie, low-sugar benefits from being a weed gummy, and they’re also naturally sweetened with manuka honey and raw cane sugar

Conventional gummies, infused or otherwise, tend to use processed sugars to give them their sweet charm. We’re all about that au naturel life, so we prefer using natural sweeteners over processed ones!

They Keep Well

Sorry to be ragging on baked edibles so much, but we’re going to be returning to them again in this next little section.

Baked edibles, there’s no doubt that they’re delicious. However, like with any baked good, they can also spoil easily over time. 

When left unrefrigerated, mould can develop quickly, and if you leave it overnight in your car in the hot summer heat? Your plans for getting high are going to go up in smoke, but not in a fun way!

Weed Gummies Won’t Melt (As Easily)

Sorry folks, weed gummies are great, but they aren’t impervious to heat. That said, a package of weed gummies will last longer than, say, a package of space cakes or weed cookies. 

This fact also makes weed gummies the ideal choice for on-the-go medication. Putting a weed gummy into your shirt or pant pocket is infinitely easier than a whole cookie or brownie! You also won’t have to worry about rushing to refrigerate them while you travel. 

However, weed gummies might still melt if exposed to extreme temperatures for long periods of time. However, the worst thing that can happen is that they’ll melt together to form one amorphous blob of medicated goodness instead of becoming completely ruined like baked edibles! 

You Can Dose Them More Effectively

Unlike chocolates, brownies, and cookies, dosing with weed gummies is simple and easy. 

Baked edibles, while delicious, come in one-serving sized portions. It’s either a full cookie, a full brownie, or an entire piece of chocolate. 

Even with the THC amounts listed on the packaging, precisely splitting up a 100mg THC in half is more complicated than it sounds. 

Weed gummies are dosed by the piece, so you’ll never have to worry about biting off more than you can chew – literally.

Each package of our gummies contains 10 gummies at 20mg of THC each. Totalling 200mg of THC per package, you can divide and medicate as needed with ease! 

Everyone Can Enjoy Gummies

Gummies have massive crowd appeal. Not only are they popular as recreational weed edibles, but weed gummies are also prevalent in medications (multivitamins), candies and mints. 

In addition to being delicious, they’re easy (and fun) to eat. 

Caramels can cling to your teeth, hard candy can hurt your tongue, and brownies can be cloyingly sweet. Actually, baked goods in general, run the risk of tasting incredibly pungent. 

On the other hand, weed gummies are infused with flavourless and odourless THC distillate, baked goods tend to be made with weed butter and oil. While potent, these two ingredients really make themselves known! 

The pungent taste could be off-putting for beginners entering into the cannabis world. Some veteran consumers of edibles might also have issues with the strong taste that other edibles have.

With weed gummies, there’s something for everyone! 

Weed Gummies – A Universal Weed Sweet Treat 

The world of weed edibles is diverse and continues to grow each day. 

The beauty of this fact is that no matter your tolerance, experience level or personal preference, you’ll undoubtedly find something to suit your particular weed needs. 

If you’re new to the game and unsure of where to start, weed gummies are a fantastic, easy to use product to reap the many benefits of our favourite herb.

They’re potent, practical, portable and easy to dose to ensure that you know precisely what to expect.

After all, there’s a reason why they’re the most popular type of weed edibles available today!