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Weed diet – Lose Weight With Marijuana

A weed diet? Who would have thought that smoking weed would be able to help you shed those extra pounds and get a leaner body?

Breakthroughs in scientific discoveries regarding cannabis have given us solid evidence that the herb that is so famously tied to the munchies may actually be the solution to help you get those last few inches off of your waist. 

Believe it or not, there is actually a compound in cannabis that plays a significant role in helping tokers lose weight.

Without further ado, let’s jump in and find what that compound is and why cannabis is so great for weight loss!

Weed Diet and Weight Loss

When it comes to cannabis, we all have a particular mental image that comes to mind: a stoner with a case of the munchies that’s so stoned he can’t even move up from the couch. 

And it’s right to believe in that because marijuana puts us in a relaxed state and gives many of us the case of the munchies. The difference lies in specific strains of cannabis that have the compound THCV.

As we previously mentioned, there is a particular compound in cannabis that can be beneficial to suppressing appetite and helping supplement weight loss goals. 

Tetrahydrocannabivarin or THCV for short is somewhat of a miracle compound in cannabis that’s mainly found in pure sativa or sativa dominant strains. Although it’s not nearly as abundant as the main cannabinoids like THC or CBD, it does play a crucial role in shaping your high.

As you are probably aware, many people know of just THC or CBD, but not THCV. THCV is a minor cannabinoid that influences the high in ways you would not normally expect. 

THCV is known to work antagonistically towards THC, diminishing certain aspects of the cannabinoid, like its anxiety-inducing effects when taken in large quantities and even the munchies. 

What’s even better is that THCV is non-psychoactive when taken in small quantities, so if you’re worried about day time use, you can rest assured that a microdose of THCV won’t produce any psychoactive effects. 

Even when THCV strains are taken in high quantities, they tend to produce more energizing, alert, and focused effects. For that reason alone, THCV is considered by many people “The Sportscar” of cannabinoids, providing an experience unlike your typical high.

How to Lose Weight Using Weed

When it comes down to the basics of losing weight, those who want to shed those pounds can’t expect to simply ditch the healthy diet and exercise because they’re now smoking some weed. 

The truth is, a healthy diet and exercise are essentials to physical fitness and health. That said, maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is what’ll bring you the results you’re looking for.

What weed can do is to act as a supplement to achieving your goals. Still skeptical? A  study pointed out that those who were consumers of cannabis had a lower BMI and smaller circumference around their waist compared to their non-smoking counterparts.

thcv strain for weed diet

Since not all weed is made the same, you’ll want to look out for some Sativa dominant strains. 

Durban Poison, Banana Haze, and Girl Scout Cookies are few great places to start. The reason you’ll want these strains is that they’re loaded with the cannabinoid THCV.

THCV can effectively be used to curb appetite and provide a steady stream of focus when you feel like you just don’t want to hit the weights or go on that run.

Weed Diet – Different Ways to Consume Weed

edibles for weed diet

Smoking and Vaping: 

The classic approach to enjoying some dank weed. Whatever you have at your disposal, whether it’s rolling paper, bong or vaporizer all will work to get the high you need. Although vaporizer would work best in terms of minimizing the health risks associated with smoking.

Cannabis Edibles:

Edibles can be a great way to your dose of cannabinoids, however, it should be noted that certain cannabis edibles are loaded with sugars, making them counterproductive to your goals. 

You’ll want to make sure you reach for edibles that are low in additives like sugars, so the edibles themselves don’t knock you off track. Made with only natural flavorings, pure cane sugar and Manuka honey sourced exclusively from New Zealand, Sugar Jack’s Gummies are the cannabis infused edibles of choice if you want to elevate without losing weight!

Weed Capsules: 

Weed capsules are a great way to minimize calorie consumption while getting the benefits of a cannabis edible. These types of edibles are usually gel capsules with various types of cannabis loaded in them, ranging from anything like decarboxylated flower to cannabis oils. Cannabis pills are strong, potent, and easy to consume, but most importantly, they are incredibly easy to dose.

Cannabis Drinks:

cannabis drink

Alternatively, if you prefer a beverage to your food, you could always go for a cannabis-infused drink like weed tea or juice. Weed teas are especially effective for weight loss as they are extremely low in calories and provide the added benefits of tea alongside the cannabinoids.

Cannabis Oils:

cbd oil canada

Cannabis oils, especially CBD oil can be a great tool to use to lose weight. Unlike THC, CBD does not get you high and instead is excellent for providing therapeutic relief. CBD also tends to suppress appetite much like THCV.

Final Thoughts On Weed Diet

While adding a bit of weed to your weight-loss regimen may be a great idea to get you to where you want to be, it’s not as simple as relying on cannabis alone to get you shedding that extra fat. A healthy diet and exercise are still the keys to an active lifestyle, which in turn will result in a leaner physique.

Those who are looking to take advantage of the appetite-suppressing effects of cannabis can look for THCV strains or CBD oil Canada.

In the world of cannabis, much like the world of fitness, maintaining good emotional and mental health is paramount to achieving your goals.