how to roll a twax joint


Twax Joint – How To Smoke Shatter In A Joint

The twax joint —  more fun than twerking, less painful than waxing, and considerably more uplifting than filing taxes — twaxing is the new way to enjoy cannabis concentrates with a bowl, blunt, or joint.

The term twaxing involves the use of bud and wax, hash oil, kief, or any other type of marijuana concentrate that is added inside, outside, or across the tip of joint or blunt.

Not only is your high boosted, but a twaxed joint or blunt burns slower and more evenly than your standard joints thanks to the thicker consistency of concentrates; which is ideal for social and outdoor smoking sessions. T

That said, be warned. These are twice if not three times as strong as a normal joint, so if you’re new to smoking— you may want to come back after you’ve built up your tolerance.

What Is A Twax Joint?

twax joints

Great question! Twax Joints are similar to regular joints — except they have some type of cannabis concentrate added to the tip, inside, or outside of the joint. Considering Twax Joints utilize the strength of potent cannabis concentrates, it’s plain to see how and why they’re not recommended for new or low-tolerance users

That said, Twax Joints are great for users that have a high tolerance to getting high. In a way, smoking a Twax Joint is a great alternative to dabbing, but without the use of a torch and an expensive dab rig. Not everyone can or wants to deal with finding and buying a torch and a dab rig, especially for those on a budget. 

Currently, there are several ways you can twax, but depending on what you’re looking to get from your Twax Joint, and the type of concentrate you’re working with will determine how hard or easy crafting a Twax Joint will be. 

Some “cannaseurs” even take it to the next level, and make intricate looking pieces of art using the different components that go into making a top-notch Twax Joint — it almost makes you not want to smoke it because they’re so pretty.

Looks aside, you’re here to learn about what a Twax Bowl is, and how to make one; so let’s keep this train moving forward.

How Do You Twax A Bowl?

Similar to twaxing a joint on the inside, twaxing a bowl requires you to add wax, kief, shatter, distillate, or any other form of cannabis concentrate on top of a loaded bowl. However, we recommend using wax for bowls because it’s the easiest to break apart into small pieces, and it can be more evenly distributed than other concentrates. You can also drizzle, or wrap your bud with concentrate before loading it into a bowl and smoking it. Given the intricacy and precision needed to wrap a marijuana concentrate around buds — this is regarded as the “expert mode” for twaxing cannabis — and requires a bit of skill and practice to pull off successfully. 

Serious “twaxers” have various methods and techniques that are used, including “shatter webs”, which is adding heated shatter to the end of a joint in a string method to create a web of shatter. Some use the snake method, which consists of using heated concentrate, and winding it down the length of the joint to resemble a snake.

These are some more complex examples, but if you’re new to twaxing, you’ll want to start with a little wax or hash oil over a bowl or inside the joint as this requires much less skill to pull off. Once you get accustomed to the consistency and potency of combining weed and concentrate together, you’re good to start getting creative with twaxing your joints on the outside.

Just like anything in this life worth having, it takes time, practice, and a little patience to pull off successfully.

How Do You Get Kief On The Outside Of A Joint?

twax joint kief

Upon first glance, Twax Joints can look very intimidating for not only their beauty, but their complexity. We encourage you to not let this discourage you from smoking or crafting your own. The most essential tool needed for successfully applying a concentrate outside of your joint is a steady hand. There are a few methods you can use to successfully apply it, including honey, hash oil, a sugar water paste, or shatter. 

Of course, using a concentrate as the binding agent will render a more potent product than honey would, however, using honey is a great alternative for those with a low tolerance or low budget. 

The main idea is using something sticky to adhere to the kief to the outside of the joint, but please don’t use just anything sticky. Using any type of glue or chemical agent would be extremely dangerous to your health — and it would ruin the flavor and be extremely harsh to smoke.  

No matter how you decide to twax your joints, there is no denying that adding concentrate to your joints, blunts, and bowls make for a freakishly potent high that can also be a work of art. Seriously, Google Twax Joint and see how gorgeous and creative you can get with them! 

Concluding Thoughts on Twax Joints

There you have it! You are now a knowledgeable member of the Twax Joint community! In addition to knowing how to make your own at home, we want to advise that you be familiar with the rolling process before applying what you learned here concerning twaxing a joint. Before you run you need to learn how to walk, so to speak. 

For our novice smokers, please note that we’re not kidding when we say these are strong. They’re incredibly potent, so if you’re not accustomed to large doses of THC — start with a few drags on the joint, and work your way up. You could always opt for a regular joint or bowl first, then add in the concentrates and kief once you build up a tolerance.