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Stash Box – How to Ensure a Successful Sesh

A proper stash box is essential in every toker’s toolkit. If you’re smoking that good green, it’s going to smell incredibly pungent. The best place to keep dank weed safe, fresh, and smell-free is, of course, in a stash box.

But what sets a modern-day stash box apart from a simple weed kit? After all, anybody can grab a cardboard box, put their grinder, rolling papers, and whatever inside and call it a day. 

Oh, yee of little faith, a stash box is so much more. It’s a dedicated stash of all the things you need to enjoy your bodacious bud, keep it fresh,  and keep it hidden. 

It’s a safeguard for all your flower, concentrates, and accessories to protect them and ensure that they do not fall into the wrong hands. 

Basically, it is your marijuana masonry. 

What is a Stash Box?

what is a stash box

Essentially, a stash box, also known as a stash, is any container or kit used to house all of your smoking paraphernalia. 

These items include accessories, such as grinders, papers, filters, vapes, and dabs, your smokables, weed, concentrates, vape cartridges, and the equipment needed to keep and maintain them in pristine condition.

While a weed kit might only contain a grinder, rollies, filters, and maybe a rolling tray, a stash box has everything you need to enjoy weed.

What’s in a Good Stash Box? The Basics

Smoking Accessories

Smoking accessories are the foundation not just for a stash box but for a weed kit, too. The basics include a grinder, rolling papers, filters (if you use them), hemp wicks, a rolling tray, and of course, a lighter.

Today, many kits offer a built-in rolling tray as well as an included grinder.

We think hemp wicks and filters are necessary, but hey, it’s your stash box! Do it up as you wish. If you use cones and blunt papers, be sure to include those too.

If you want to include concentrates into your weed stash box, you’ll want to include a mini dab rig and a mini butane torch as well. The same goes for vape pens and chargers, too.

Your stash box might be limited, so if dabs are important to you, upsize to a bigger container.

Smokeables and Containers


Smokeables are anything that you want to toke, smoke, or vape. These items include but are not limited to weed flower, dab concentrates, and vape cartridges.

This also includes the containers needed to keep the products you intend to smoke clean, fresh, and safe, such as glass, opaque, air-tight jars for fresh bud.

A weed kit might have you putting your flower into a film canister or a zip lock bag, but we’re talking about a stash box here. It’s about being classy, graceful, and elegant.

If you have the leeway, jars with humidity control packs inside are great at keeping and locking in the dank goodness of your weed.

A good stash box also has to be smell proof. That’s what they’re designed for, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t go the distance to keep weed fresh.

To preserve your terpenes, keep your stash aroma-free,  and maintain the freshness of the items contained inside, don’t skimp out on glass containers!

Extra Equipment

When things go south, you don’t want to be left wanting.

How many times have you arrived at your sesh spot with a joint or blunt in hand only to find that you left your lighter at home? 

Ever want to hit a dab but find out that you’re missing a carb cap? Remember the frustration of wanting to clear another bong bowl but not being able to because you can’t clean out your weed pipe?

A stash box should be large enough to accommodate any necessary extra items. An extra lighter is fundamental, but if you really want to stay on top of the game, consider including these alternative items too:

An Ashtray

what's in a good stash box

You never know when or where you’ll be smoking! 

Some people like to keep their stash box in the car for on-the-go seshes. If you smoke at a friend’s house or in your car a lot, you’ll want to include an ashtray to help keep things clean.

Eye Drops

We’ve all suffered from red-eye before. It’s one of the dead giveaways of being high that everyone seems to recognize. 

If you’re someone that likes to “go for a walk” at family functions, including eye drops in your stash box is essential.

Pick, Pipe Cleaners, or a Multitool 

Keeping glassware clean for a great smoking experience is just basic hygiene.

Okay, so bong water may not be changed as frequently as we might like, but if your glassware, vape, or dab rig gets dirty and clogged, it can put an end to your smoke sesh.

And nobody wants that.

Breath Mints or Gum 

Another dead giveaway, dank breath is noticeable right away, but it’s not the symptoms that we’re worried about, it’s the cause.  

Chewing on gum can stimulate saliva production, which can fight against cottonmouth and bad breath.

Stash Box – Your One-Stop Pot Spot

If you read through our list, you’ll now know that a proper stash box is leagues ahead of regular weed kits. 

Not only do they include everything you need to smoke all of your weed products, but they also provide great post-sesh aftercare!

Live in a house with prying pets or tiny children? Keeping one of these all-encompassing containers is an excellent investment in keeping the contents inside fresh as well as discreet.

What’s in your stash box? Do you prefer metal or bamboo? Do you like boxes or bags? Let us know!