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Reading While High – Elevate Your Mind

The concept of reading and smoking weed together seems like an unlikely pairing, but for some, reading while high is a very unique, entertaining, and rewarding pastime. 

It’s true that for some, weed can make it more difficult to concentrate or decipher words when reading. Still, many others are coming to find that once you muster up the energy to start reading while high, it improves reading abilities.    

In today’s article, we will discuss why reading while high is a must-try experience and how you can reap the benefits for yourself. 

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Reading While High 

When you think about it, it kind of makes sense. 

Marijuana has a famous reputation for being linked with creative expression, not to mention reading while high can be the impetus for augmented imagery. 

Cannabis allows creatives to better visualize vivid concepts or scenarios happening in the story, which keeps the reader more focused and engaged. 

Furthermore, reading while high can also help certain individuals learn a foreign language, but before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s first explore the three most common mistakes people make while trying to read when high.

Common Mistakes

Reading while high promotes introspection, enhances imagery and helps you to concentrate better on the story. However, if consumed improperly, it can lead to a negative experience. 

That said, here are three common mistakes people make when trying to read while high.

1. They Smoked too Much

When you get high, and you find yourself having trouble reading or remembering what happened — it’s because you smoked too much. 

This is known as a green out. Greening out happens from consuming too much THC and exceeding your tolerance level.

There are levels of being high, so of course, when you’re entirely faded, you won’t be able to do much besides sleep or zone out.  

2. They Picked the Wrong Type of Strain

reading while high common mistakes

Some strains are known for their sedative effects. For instance, strains such as Purple Kush, Kosher Kush and G-13 can float you to sleep and induce relaxing effects.

What’s more, when you smoke weed, THC isn’t the only substance that can cause feelings of drowsiness and disorientation. 

Other compounds like the plant’s trichomes, flavonoids and terpenes such as myrcene and linalool are known to be sedative — especially when found in the right combination. 

3. Aged Cannabis

Cannabis is known to drop in potency over the years. When it happens, THC begins to convert to CBN and can lose its potency almost in half.

That said, the blending of cannabinol (CBN) and THC can also increase drowsiness, confusion, and disorientation. 

Ultimately, they will make it hard for you to read or understand spoken language. 

If you want to avoid these mistakes, try to lower your dose and look for high-quality cannabis that is fresh and dank.

Alternatively, you can also opt for cannabis products such as edibles. Edibles present a healthier alternative to smoking weed, are easy to dose and consume. Unlike cannabis, you will know how much THC you are consuming.

Sugar Jack’s edibles, for example, contain 20mg THC in each gummy. All you need to do is to pop a gummy in your mouth and get lost in your literary world of choice.

They are also super tasty and packed with the beneficial effects of manuka honey, cane sugar and cannabis!

Now that you know what mistakes people make when reading while high let’s learn why this experience is a must-try.

Why Reading High Is Becoming So Popular

Over the years, especially since recreational marijuana has become legal in 15 states and medicinally legal in 35 of the 50 states in the U.S. — many users have started to report that smoking weed helps them to want to read by making it more enjoyable. 

We also know that many people find that smoking pot can enhance one’s imagination in all contexts, including touch, sight, smell, sound, and taste. 

The innate ability to vividly experience what you’re reading with all six senses makes it a much more entertaining experience — making you more invested in whatever you happen to be reading.  

Reading While High When Learning A Foreign Language

The process of reading and trying to piece together the puzzle of learning new words and languages is easier to do when they’re stoned. 

A study published by Harvard Medical School found that marijuana may improve and not impair executive functioning in adult subjects.   

Not only that, but a separate study that looked at the impact of weed use on executive functioning found that after three months of continuous use, cognitive functioning improved. 

Their overall ability to carry out cognitive tasks — especially those influenced by the frontal cortex — dramatically improved. The act of speaking to someone, listening to someone else talk, reading, writing, and learning a new language are all mediated by the left prefrontal cortex

As we study and learn more about cannabis and how it influences us, we learn to adopt new treatment methods and let go of our inaccurate, preconceived notions about what smoking weed does and doesn’t do to its users.  

Improved Listening Skills

According to a study conducted by Harvard psychologist Charles Tart, smoking marijuana helps users understand and make sense of song lyrics better than when they are sober. 

Of course, as mentioned earlier, the ability to learn foreign languages better also extends to how well our listening skills are. As we stated before, many users have reported being able to understand a foreign language better, and to do this — you need to use your ears. 

On the flip side, these reading and listening enhancements might come down to the fact that smoking weed impacts our attention. 

One of the most common side effects of consuming marijuana is that it causes users to zone out and focus their attention on one thing: an object, pattern, or any other type of stimuli.

This is how being high could improve our ability to hone in and focus on what someone else is saying or improving our overall ability to focus on reading, speaking, or listening. 

Reading While High – Enrich Your Reading Experience 

We’ve learned that reading while high is possible and extremely enjoyable for many cannabis enthusiasts worldwide, despite the commonly held belief that you can’t smoke and read or do anything productive at the same time. 

Now you know it depends mainly on how much you smoke, what strain you smoked, how old it was and if you’re predisposed to struggle with concentrating while stoned or not. 

Other factors like age, body weight, height, gender, and tolerance levels can also impact how strongly you’ll be affected.

Just remember to start low and go slow.  

The only way to know how reading while high will affect you is to try it.

Ask your local budtender for help deciding which strain they have that will best pair with reading or intense concentration. Alternatively, if you want to experiment with other healthier and tastier methods, try edibles

Happy reading!