Cannabis Chocolate


Quick & Easy Cannabis Chocolate Recipe

Have you ever tried cannabis chocolate?

Infusing edibles with cannabis is a long-standing tradition. The earliest mentions of cannabis-infused foods go as far back as 2000 B.C! People have used cannabis in food for a long time, be it for recreational or medical purposes, but it’s only recently that the practice has been legalized. 

Back then, mixing cannabis with food and drink was largely reserved for tradition and ritual. These days, it’s coming back in full swing, not in the least because of multiple health benefits and critical popularity that has become associated with the use of cannabis. 

The main problem many have found with using marijuana is the taste. If you’ve ever tasted pure cannabis oil, then you know it has a strong, pungent taste that’s hard to reconcile with. Over time, cannabis enthusiasts came up with a way to improve upon it by reviving the almost-forgotten tradition of infusing edibles with cannabinoids.

And what better product to infuse with cannabis than chocolate!

What is Cannabis Chocolate?

While the term cannabis chocolate sounds pretty self-explanatory at first glance, it’s a tad bit complicated in reality.

Mainly because when people hear cannabis chocolate, they either think of “weed got mixed into the chocolate” or, if they know a bit more about edible infusion, think THC (and associated side-effects – i.e. getting high).

In reality, while edibles are often infused with THC when aiming for purely recreational effects, chocolate edibles can also be infused with CBD and have next to no trace of THC. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t have the ability to make people euphoric. In other words, you won’t get high when consuming CBD chocolate. 

That being said, chocolate can be infused not only with THC but also with cannabinoids such as CBD, cannabis oils and tasteless THC distillates.

Additionally, cannabis chocolate is also available in a variety of forms. The most popular, of course, is the chocolate bar! This classic confectionary is a time-tested classic that we’ve taken many creative liberties on in the Sugar Jack’s lab. 

However, for those erring on the extra cozy side, cannabis chocolate can also take the form of a hot mug of weed hot chocolate, an impressive hot chocolate bomb or other chocolate-infused cannabis drinks

What are the Benefits of Using Cannabis Chocolates?

cannabis chocolate benefits

People start using cannabis-based products for various reasons. For example, cannabis chocolate is a good mood stabilizer. It’s chocolate, after all! When has anybody failed to perk up after a few decadent squares?

Additionally, cannabis chocolate is also a tasty way to alleviate depression and anxiety, helps with insomnia and chronic pain, and recent research has shown its potential with certain chronic diseases like multiple sclerosis and diabetes.

But why cannabis chocolate specifically? Why do people choose it over other CBD and THC-based products?

1. Great Taste

The biggest draw of cannabis chocolate is its taste. Many people already love chocolate and consume it with pleasure before adding cannabis into the mix.

And when choosing between the oily hemp taste of pure CBD/THC and sweet chocolate, it’s not unsurprising that people choose the latter. Chocolate taste usually completely covers up the pungent taste of weed, letting consumers obtain all the benefits without any of the strong taste!

2. Dosage Management

To gain maximum benefits from cannabis use, you need the correct dosage. With pure THC and CBD oils, this is simple. You just need to know how many drops to use how many times a day.

But with most other edibles, it can be hard to control the dosage.

However, it is simple with cannabis chocolate! Usually, the package provides accurate information about the amount of CBD or THC in each portion, which lets you know just how much and how many times a day you need to eat for the most optimal results.

For example, our chocolate bars can be easily proportioned into squares for easy dosing and consumption! Each chocolate bar contains 500mg of THC with each square containing 33.3mg per piece. 

It’s the best way to dose for both accuracy, taste and potency! 

3. Portable and Simple

And all you’ll need to do is just put it in your bag and have it on the go whenever.

If you’ve ever had to take medication (especially liquid medication) on public transport or in the street then you know how uncomfortable it can get.

But with chocolate, it is easy! You can just pop it in whenever you want and go on. Not to mention the added benefit of not having anyone judge you over it. 

Cannabis chocolate looks like every other chocolate – no one will look at you funny, and you won’t have to go through any awkward conversations explaining that no, you’re not actually getting high right now but consuming CBD.

How to Make Cannabis Chocolate

Now is the fun part!

Cannabis chocolate is pretty easy to make if you wish to try your hand at it. All you’ll need are either dark or milk chocolate chips (or baking chocolate), some CBD/THC tincture, and a mould.

Melt around 10oz of chocolate in a large bowl over a water bath (double boiler), mixing every once in a while. 

When the chocolate starts getting runny, add your tincture (calculate the amount based on your required dosage), and mix very well while continuing heating the chocolate until it’s fully melted and can be poured into a mould.

Transfer into the mould, let it cool at room temperature and stick it into a fridge until it hardens and can be taken out of the mould without falling apart. Voila! Your cannabis-infused chocolate delight is ready to be enjoyed!

Or, if you want to avoid the DIY process altogether and want to enjoy cannabis chocolate as fast as possible, you can pick some of Sugar Jack THC Chocolate Bars at our partner online dispensary vendor! 

Cannabis Chocolate – A Sweet Way to Medicate

Cannabis-infused edibles are becoming more and more popular these days due to potential health benefits and ease of use.

However, as cannabis oil is known to have a very unpleasant, heavy earth-like taste, people usually prefer to avoid using it by itself and turn to infused edibles to rip the benefits and avoid disadvantages.

Cannabis chocolate is among them, potentially being the most popular cannabis-infused food these days. 

They’re popular for multiple reasons, not in the least due to their convenience in use and consistently dependable good taste. 

In addition, cannabis chocolate is easy to transport, easy to consume, and usually makes it easy for the consumer to control the dosage, which is another benefit, especially when one is on the go.

If you are looking to give cannabis chocolate a try, don’t wait for it anymore! 

We, at Sugar Jacks, created for you an ultimate set of cannabis-infused chocolates to try. We offer five chocolate bar flavours such as white chocolate & praline, milk chocolate, mint dark chocolate, raspberries and cream and finally, Japanese matcha ice cream. 

Each chocolate bar contains 15 pieces of Belgium’s finest chocolate infused with 33 mg of our filtered, house-made THC tincture. Isn’t it delicious? Be sure to check us on our vendor’s website and let us know if you have more questions about cannabis chocolate!