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Moon Rocks – The Caviar of Cannabis

You may have seen pictures of moon rocks or references to them online already, but do you know what they are? 

Besides looking spectacular when photographed well, and like green blobs when done poorly, there is so much more to this cannabis concentrate than meets the eye.

Come with us on our lunar exploration to uncover the secrets and mysteries of this extraterrestrial cannabis concentrate! 

What are Moon Rocks?

Put simply, this product is made whole buds that are soaked in a cannabis extract and then dipped in kief. 

If that sounds too simple, continue reading and you’ll see for yourself. 

The original moon rocks recipe called for only a few choice ingredients assembled in a very simple way. Nugs of quality cannabis flower are collected and then coated in layers and layers of hash oil. These nugs are usually submerged in a first layer of hash oil, left to dry, and submerged again. 

Once the last layer of hash oil is applied, the entire nug is rolled around in a final coating of kief to get these moon rocks their dusted, lunar appearance. 

You can imagine that these moon rocks pack a punch. The potency can vary depending on where you source your moon rocks but is often around 50% or more THC. The product also comes filled with terpenes, especially with those packed into the powdery kief. This results in flavor explosion along with a potent rocks moon high.

This product can be a cost-effective way to get high as a little goes a long way. All you need to do is break off a piece and add it to your favorite smoking method! 

The Effects of Moon Rocks

The effects, broadly speaking are rather intense. You can expect a strong head high that spreads throughout the body and lasts. You may find the high lasts longer than with other products due to the combination of regular cannabis flower, layers of cannabis hash oil inside and the kief (trichomes of the cannabis plant) that cover the outside of the nug. 

With the potent dose of THC inside, these moon rocks are great for medical patients who need the intensity. Recreational consumers of cannabis also love the highs that come with smoking Moon Rocks. Ensure you stay safe by exercising all the usual safe consumption practices, especially starting with a low dose.

Origins of The Moon Rock

The origins of the Moon Rock are unknown, and not yet confirmed. We do know that this product is a relative newcomer on the cannabis scene. If you haven’t seen them in person yet, that isn’t surprising. However, you can be sure you’ll likely see far more of them. And with that in mind, we may as well learn all about them so you can impress your friends.

There are rumors that they were first made by the dispensary Starbudz760. It was the legendary West Coast rapper Kurupt who helped popularize the product. He has his own trademarked variety called Kurupt Moonrock. 

Kurupt’s real name is Ricardo E. Brown, and he is a former executive vice-president of Death Row Records. As the story goes, it was while working on a mixtape with Dr. Zodiak (Daniel Laughlin), that the duo created Moon Rocks. 

Multiple Names for the Same Thing

At times, these products are described as THC Rocks or THC Moon Rocks. Whatever name you wanna call them, they are a wonderfully potent and pleasant product to consume. Try these rocks out the next time you want to get really baked.

You may have heard them called cannabis caviar, although technically this term describes nugs that are dipped in extracts and don’t have an outer layer of kief. As we’ll soon learn, this product is drizzled with extracts and then dipped in Kief, resulting in an out-of-this-world product. 

As with all popular cannabis products, the quality of the starting marijuana makes all the difference. The best weed is resin rich and will make the best stones. The same goes for the quality of the extract used and the kief that the stones are covered in with a roll.

How to Make Moon Rocks

moon rocks definition

This product can be made from just about any cannabis strain, along with the concentrate of choice and kief. You can also use hash oil as your concentrate of choice, although distillate also works well. Picking the right product can be hard, so please stick with the strains you enjoy.

In short, a moon rock is basically an entire cannabis bud, soaked in a cannabis concentrate of hash oil. Several rounds of soaking a nug in hash oil, letting it absorb into the nug and dunking it again are required to really bring up the moon rock’s potency. 

 The final step involves dipping and rolling your nugs around in kief. From that point, all the moon rocks need to do is dry out and they are ready for use. It’s that easy to make them!

If you wanted to take your moon rocks in a bit of a different direction, you could also soak it in THC distillate as well, though that might bring the moon rock’s potency to an even higher level that could be problematic if you’re not well versed in handling the effects! 

THC Potency

The combination of flower, extracts, and a dusting of kief create a potent package. You’ll find THC-laden trichomes all over the surface of these stones. When you see them you’ll see why they have the name moon rocks weeds. Once you smoke this product, you’ll understand the name even more. You may just find yourself floating up in space, feeling super stoned. 

Storage Conditions

Ensure you stored them in a glass container for easy cleaning. Store in a cool, dark, and dry place for the best storage conditions. When you want to use them, break them up by hand. You can take these pieces and simply add them into your joint, blunt, or bowl. We’ll turn to this process next. 

How to Smoke Moon Rocks

The moon rock is not for the novice smoker. They pack a punch and require a decent level of tolerance. That said, for the regular consumer, the additional potency is a pleasant treat. Think of moon rocks like the sprinkles on top of a cake. Not only will your bowls look prettier, but they will also have a significant increase in THC potency. 

Smoking a moon rock can be a messy process. You DO NOT want to grind them, don’t even try! The hash oil within will jam up your grinder and make it difficult to use afterwards. 

You can use scissors to help break them apart, but expect them to get sticky and require cleaning afterward. 

You may want to light your bowl with a hemp wick, as these rocks can take some time to fully light. 

You’ll get a better taste and less chance of burning yourself by using a hemp wick. Rolling this sticky product into a joint or blunt tends to be a tricky process. Those with less experience will want to stick with glassware, as we’ll now discuss.


Unlike regular dried flower, this product is thick and sticky. You’ll need to pull it apart like taffy. Generally, you’ll want to add it to some dried flower in your bowl. This is because the bits and pieces won’t burn all that well on their own. 

Similar to hash or kief, it’s better to use moon rocks as a topper to increase the potency of your bowl. It won’t be long till we see a moon rocks cart for sale.

Joints and Blunts

The same situation applies to rolled cannabis joints and bongs. You’ll need to use dried flower with some broken-off pieces of moon rocks to get a good cherry going. Sprinkle some of this concentrate inside and take your joints to the next level. 

The process can get sticky and complicated real fast. This method is likely better suited for those with some top-notch rolling abilities. If you’re a new roller, you may want to start with a pipe or bong. 

Start and Go slow

Depending on your tolerance level, this potent product may be too much. Ensure you avoid burning out by starting with a small dose on top of the normal amount of dried flower that you smoke. If you decide to smoke a bunch, you may just end up greening out and not enjoying the experience. 

Don’t forget to drink water and eat some food before getting too baked.

Final Thoughts on Moon Rocks

These flavourful stones are filled with THC (or CBD) to help you get your feet off the ground. You’ll like the effects of cannabis moon rocks for sure, as long as you consume the right-sized dose.  If you’re curious about making your own, the recipe is so simple that you’ll be able to recall it from the heart. Remember that there are only 3 steps to the entire process – find quality cannabis nugs, soak the nugs in hash oil several times and finish off with a dusting of kief.

We hope this article has shed some light on the dark side of the moon surrounding this cannabis concentrate and has inspired you to try some for yourself sometime!