Dank Weed


How To Spot Dank Weed – A Guide

What is a dank weed? 

Thanks to cannabis legalization laws, no longer are we subjected to consuming the dry brick weed exported from the cartels of Mexico. 

With more lenient laws in place regarding marijuana research and production, producers and growers alike have been able to hone in on their craft and produce some of the dankest weed we’ve seen in decades!

Today, the word dank is used to describe good top-shelf weed that is highly sought after in the world of weed. 

While dank cannabis is slowly becoming more and more prevalent in North America thanks to legalization, there are still doubts here and there, and as a consumer, it’s important to fully understand what sets good dank marijuana apart from the rest.

To find out how to spot dank marijuana, keep on reading!

What Does the Word Dank Mean?

Funny enough, the word “dank” is actually a real English word in the Oxford Dictionary that is used to describe marshy areas. 

Its actual translation in the dictionary is “slightly wet, cold and unpleasant,” which is actually somewhat of a suitable description for fresh, high-quality weed. That said, if you spot a slightly wet weed, this is generally a good sign.

Here are some cues on how to spot high-quality weed. 

Visual Cues

If you’re buying your weed at a dispensary and want to know if it fits the dank marijuana description, then pay attention. Visual cues are an easy way to determine whether or not the weed you’re looking at is up to par with the best.

Dank Weed is Covered in Trichomes


Bud, that looks like it has been covered in a coating of little white crystals is a good sign. Those tiny white crystalline beads are the resinous glands of the cannabis plant known as trichomes. 

In the world of cannabis, cannabis trichomes are most commonly used to create the hash and other concentrates. This is largely due to the fact that these resinous glands are cannabinoid powerhouses, and they contain a concentrated amount of cannabinoids, mainly THC, resulting in an exponentially stronger high.

On a side note, because trichomes are the resinous glands of the cannabis plant, they tend to be a bit sticky. That said, dank weed should be sticky to the touch.

Rich in Color

Much like lush vegetation or healthy plants, dank weed also shares the same visual qualities. High-quality bud is usually rich in its natural colors and may have purple and orange speckles throughout the surface depending on the strains at hand.

Marijuana with the color of dry grass or hay is usually indicative of aged or low-quality buds and should be avoided. 

Basically, any cannabis that resembles a dying or unhealthy plant should be left off as there is a chance that it was grown with additives like chemicals and pesticides.

Should be Free From Seeds and Leaves


If you look closely at cannabis classified as a dank weed, you’ll notice something in common with one another. They almost always are seedless and with a minimal amount of leaves. 

The presence of seeds is usually indicative of a poor harvest or improper growing conditions, and as a result, it is only found in lower-tier variants of marijuana.

As for the leaves, proper pruning and care will shine through in the end result. Good weed usually has no leaves in the bud, with sometimes only a few small ones leftover.

Taste and Smell

Strong in the Aromatics Department

Aside from the high, if anything dank weed is known for, it’s the beautiful smell it produces. You’ll be able to smell dank weed through its packaging with relative ease. 

The particular smell of the bud will vary greatly depending on what strains are available. For example, a cannabis strain like Tangerine Dream will have sweet and fruity notes complimenting the underlying floral aroma, while something like Sour Diesel will boast an earthy scent. 

Either way, dank weed should smell pleasant and natural. If you come across cannabis with a chemical odor to it, stay far away.

Distinct Flavor

For those who enjoy the full experience of marijuana, including the flavor, dank weed supports exactly that. 

Proper harvesting and growth will allow the cannabis plant to fully mature, developing all the necessary compounds, including various cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids

As a result, when the bud is finally smoked, you’ll taste subtle hints of different and complex flavors that the cannabis has. To give you a good idea of what we’re talking about, a strain like Banana Kush will carry a tropical flavor profile, while something like Sour Tangie will have a more citrusy tasting experience.

Effects and Smoking Experience

Dank Weed is Known for its Smooth Draw


If you’ve ever smoked dry cannabis before, you very well know that it’s no cakewalk. Dry weed can have you coughing violently, which is a painful experience, especially when you’re just trying to smoke some weed.

What sets good weed apart from great weed is its smoothness when taking a drag. Dank weed will allow you to take fat drags without even flinching. The smoking experience will be velvety smooth, with minimal irritation to your throat and lungs.

Dank Weed Produces a Better High

Since dank weed is usually covered in trichomes, it will produce a high that will elevate you to a level you’ll never forget. 

Whether you use your weed to stimulate creativity, enjoy your food, or have great conversations, dank weed will help elevate whatever you’re trying to enjoy, so long as you don’t over consume it.

Bud or Edibles?

Sometimes you just don’t want to roll one up or go outside – when that happens, what’s the best course of action? There is actually another way to medicate and enjoy your cannabis without needing to smoke or vape it. 

As we’ve discussed before, dank weed is known to produce a high that is hard to forget. However, when it comes to choosing which is stronger – edibles or high-quality bud –  the ultimate winner is edibles.

Edibles are stronger than vaping or smoking your weed due to the fact that when you ingest your edibles, half of the THC gets converted into 11-hydroxy-THC, which brings about a more potent psychoactive high than regular THC from smoking or vaping.

Another thing to consider when you choose between bud and edibles is also the variety of products. In today’s world, edibles come in various flavors, shapes and sizes. From gummies and cookies to THC infused peanut butter and lemonade, there are many options to choose from. 

Usually, they are made with natural ingredients and are made using the highest grade distillates.

Just so you know, Sugar Jacks carry all of these characteristics. Every pack of Sugar Jack’s edibles comes in different shapes and sizes so that you have fun and a great experience. 

Made with real Manuka Honey and natural flavourings, these edibles will give you a great taste and even better experience than smoking your regular bud.

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Dank Weed – The Final Verdict 

From sticky bud to colorful nugs, dank weed comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. No particular species of cannabis is considered dank by default, as it largely depends on the quality of the harvest and growing conditions. 

Should you be lucky enough to stumble across some at your dispensary, we recommend picking up a few different strains to enjoy the different types of highs that dank weed offers. And be sure to try some edibles to have a unique and even more potent experience!