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How To Sober Up From Weed – 7 Ridiculously Easy Ways

Ever been too high and thought to yourself, “I wish I knew how to sober up from weed–fast”?

Chances are you have. And you’re far from being alone.

Although, fatally overdosing on cannabis is almost practically impossible, we’ve all had “greening out” moments where it sure felt like there was no return. Maybe more than we like. 

But that’s the nature of the cannabis experience for many – it’s unpredictable and highly dependent on many variables. Think tolerance levels; think diet; think the consumption method, and more. Heck, even cannabis scientists agree and are struggling to find solutions for it. 

Worse yet, these close to “greening out” moments come at the most inconvenient times — you have a forgotten doctor’s appointment this afternoon; there’s a grocery stop you have to make; or there’s a last-minute call for work. 

Regardless of what the call for duty is, there are solutions for how to sober up from weed in a hurry. In this article, we’ll provide 8 tried and true techniques that are likely to help ease the grips of the THC gods. 

But first, how can you tell if you’re too high in the first place?

How To Tell If You’ve Smoked Too Much

how to sober up from weed guide

Let’s get this clear – being too high and “greening out” isn’t the same thing, although they may have intermingling characteristics. Let’s breakdown each in more detail.

Greening Out

Greening out” is more extreme, being the closest thing to a cannabis overdose as you’ll get, caused by your cannabinoid receptors being overstimulated with THC. 

When you’re greening out, you’ll feel anxiety to the point of panic; you may have tremors and shake; you’re dizzy to the point that you can’t stand; you experience nausea, accelerated heartbeats, and hot and cold chills. 

At the deep end, you may even lose consciousness temporarily. However, it’s far from being fatal — just ensure you’re in a safe and secure environment when experimenting with new potency levels and consumption methods.

Smoking Too Much

As for being too high, you’re slightly functional yet you’re still at the mercy of the cannabis gods. 

To know if you’re in this state, your likely experiencing slight levels of anxiety and paranoia; you’re repeating behaviors and losing track of what you’re doing; you’re experiencing “cottonmouth”; you’re “frozen” mentally, stuck and unable to engage in any activities; and lastly, your memory is a short-term oriented. 

Cannabis is a “learned experience”, meaning its symptoms are something you adjust to overtime, with the goal of using its trademark effects for constructive purposes. Being “too high” can be a pleasurable, fun experience once you adapt. 

However, when the last-minute call for duty occurs, the chances for joy are grounded to halt. This is where the techniques for how to sober up from weed shine. 

How Long Does It Take To Sober Up From Weed?

how to sober up from weed

The time it takes to sober up from weed from being too high, is just as dependent as the factors that got you so high in the first place, so there’s no straightforward answer to this question.

But what good is advice if it doesn’t result in actionable help?

As a baseline, if your consumption method is smoking or vaping, and you have low tolerance levels, expect to be floating on cannabis cloud nine for at least 2-4 hours since your last toke. After this time period, you’re not spruce and ready to take on the world, instead, the effects will have hit a peak and then gradually decline. 

On the other hand, if you’re consumption method is through ingestion, either by eating one of the many different edibles available today, you’re likely on a journey for at least 4-8 hours, depending on the amount you’ve eaten. After this time passes, you can expect the experience to gradually fade. 

Again, these are baseline estimates, as tolerance levels can vary greatly according to our biology! Heck, we’ve witnessed inexperienced edible takers go through the experience as if it were a pleasant pat on the back.

7 Tips For How To Sober Up From Weed 

Need to spruce up and be sharp fast? Get out of your head, drink water, take a walk are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to easy techniques for how to sober up from weed in a hurry. Let’s explore each in more detail.

Hydrate:  Are headaches, irritability, nausea and lethargy dictating your uncomfortable cannabis experience? Restore your body with electrolytes by drinking fruit smoothies or coconut water. If none are at your disposal – water or cranberry juice are great alternatives. The bottom line here is to detoxify!

Take a Cold Shower: Ever heard of cold water or cryogenic therapy? They’re methods that abruptly shock your body with cold temperatures, which in turn create cold shock proteins that alleviate inflammation throughout the body and brain. You’re probably thinking, that’s a little intense?

Do the light version by taking a cold shower when you’re feeling too high, the result will make you likely sharper, spruce and on point to take on the day’s responsibilities. If showers aren’t available, splash a tad of cold water on your face!

Exercise:  Feeling a little tense and anxious because cannabis got you upset? Don’t fret. A great solution is to send a rush of natural endorphins into your brain which block the pain signals from coming in.

We don’t suggest doing your max weights, or doing an intensity interval session, instead, go for a walk, pick up a basketball and shoot around — something simple that gets the body moving will not only take your mind off being too stoned, but should generate feel good chemicals.

Take a Nap: Mental and physical paralysis isn’t fun when you’re too high. Not one bit. If you’re overwhelmed with inactivity, let alone extremely dizzy, it’s best you don’t force yourself to do anything strenuous or challenging at all.

Have water by your side, get to a quiet, comfortable space, close your eyes, and leave all the distractions where they belong — at the door! Sometimes all it takes to know how to sober up from weed fast is giving in to cannabis’ sedative effects.

Positive Affirmations: You know what could be making your cannabis experience worse than it actually is? Your thoughts, your headspace, your mindset. If you’re too high, you’re likely thinking in catastrophic patterns — “this is a disaster!”, “I’m being judged”, “I can’t control myself!”, and so forth.

To solve this, make the gargantuan effort to focus on positive self-statements, along with thoughts that tell you this cannabis experience is only temporary and FAR from being fatal. 

Take CBD: Want to really receive the therapeutic effects of cannabis? And avoid THC’s wrath of psychoactive distortion? Studies show that cannabis best addresses ailments when there’s a THC to CBD ratio of 1:1, as CBD plays the mediator role for THC playing a wreckless role in your body. Better yet, CBD is hardly psychoactive. 

Get Your Munch On: Another solution is to eat foods that are known to produce a calming effect. Think lemons, pine nuts or black pepper. Or simply, just eat!

For some, munching is an effective technique for sobering up from weed, yet there aren’t definitive reasons why. Some speculate that fatty foods bind with cannabinoids, which metabolizes the cannabinoids faster throughout your system. Look out for more conclusive studies on the subject.

Concluding Thoughts on How to Sober up From Weed 

These techniques for how to sober up from weed in a hurry are far from a panacea that will turn off your cannabis experience as if it were a light switch.

However, they are techniques that are sure to at least make the experience less anxiety and stress-ridden, and thus help you prepare to tackle your day’s responsibilities. Sure, you may not be your sharpest and brightest in doing them, but you’re far from being the paralyzed “freak-out” stuck in the corner of your room. 

If there are any other tips we might have missed, let us know! 

Until then, stay safe and let the good times roll!