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High Scale – How High Are You?

Scales are great for measuring a variety of different things, but have you ever heard of the high scale? If you’ve ever gotten too high before or been around friends who have, then you might have heard them say that they’re a ‘10’ on the high scale.

Of course, a high scale is only a figurative scale. It doesn’t actually measure anything nor is it a scientific unit of measure. However, it can be a fun and practical way to gauge and relay how you’re feeling after eating an edible or smoking a joint with your friends!

So on a high scale of one to ten, how high are you?

Let’s find out!

1 – Sober

At this point in the high scale, you’re not even feeling buzzed. You might have taken a toke or two from a joint or had an edible 10 or 15 minutes ago, but the effects aren’t pronounced enough to feel anything just yet. 

At this point, you feel like you should be expecting something to happen soon, and it certainly feels like something is on the cusp of happening, but you’re not sure if that something is actually happening or if it’s just the placebo effect.

Either way – you’re sober. Go smoke up or wait a bit longer for the edible effects to kick in!

2 – Weed Buzzed

high scale weed buzzed

Compared to level 1, there’s a palpable difference here that just lets you know the weed is beginning to work its magic. Your mind and body haven’t ceded control just yet, but you’re starting to get your toes wet by dipping them in the (metaphorical) bong water.

We wouldn’t recommend actually dipping your toes in bong water. That’s low-key gross. 

While it isn’t too appealing of analogy, the point still holds clear. You’re sort of high, and you’re ready to dive in to get even higher. 

At this stage, you can expect some mild euphoria, spacey thoughts, and relaxation to take effect. Be warned, though. It’s usually at this stage that novice cannabis users boast about their ‘high tolerance’ and end up biting off more than they can chew!

Don’t be scared to spend a bit more time at this level to acclimatize to the change. After all, enjoying weed is a marathon, not a race!

3 – High

Okay, there’s no mistaking it. You’re high. Lifted. Elevated. Baked. You get the gist. At this point, any uncertainties you may have about actually being high are dashed. You’re happy, euphoric, relaxed, and stress-free, which is kind of the whole point of medicating with weed! 

If you’ve eaten an edible, this is where you want to end up. Not too high, not too sober – just right. 

However, the problem arises when users aren’t patient enough to wait for the THC to convert into 11-Hydroxy-THC, a stronger, more potent version of THC produced in the body after you eat weed.

If you’ve ignored the pleas of your friends or smoke buddies to wait until your Sugar Jack’s edible has kicked in before eating another, this is just the first stop on your trip to outer space! 

4 – Pretty High

high scale pretty high

Being at a level 4 on the high scale means that you’re definitely feeling the weed. You might still be physically and mentally there, but the couch you’re sitting on is starting to feel suspiciously like it’s the most comfortable couch in history. 

Likewise, that documentary or Netflix show you’re watching on TV is, if it were up to you, a surefire recipient for the next Golden Globe or Emmy. Your perception of time is also beginning to change, and smiles curl more easily around your lips.

We wish there was a more descriptive word to describe this stage but honestly, saying that you’re pretty high just about covers it!

5 – Incredibly High

You’ll feel this stage before you realize it. You’re almost locked to your couch, and your thoughts are bouncing from place to place like they’re playing dodgeball back in high school gym class. Your eyes are red, your stomach is grumbling, and cottonmouth is creeping on you.

You’re incredibly high, and, honestly speaking, it’s safe to say that you’re also impaired. 

While it’s possible to fake being sober at the previous stages and hide your high, you’re not going to fool anyone once you’re at this point on the high scale. 

6 – Stoned

Anything surpassing a ‘5’ on the high scale is dangerous territory. For novice smokers, this is where weed begins to stop being fun. Less experienced smokers will start experiencing mild anxiety, paranoia, and even paralysis as the THC’s effects start to dominate their minds and bodies. 

A ‘6’ on the high scale is when many users are considered to be “too high,” and it might even be scary if it’s the first time they’ve been this high.

Experienced cannabis users will know how to sober up from weed and ride out the storm. Sit back, relax, and vibe out the waves. However, if you’re less inexperienced, you might want to take a nap or have a glass of water. 

7 – Cooked

Your goose is cooked, and so are you! For beginner tokers, this is where the fun times start to wane. Couchlock has definitely set in at this point, and if it hasn’t, it will soon. 

Getting ‘cooked’ off any type of edible is easy, especially if you’re not following the mantra of ‘start low and go slow,’ but it’s not a death sentence. With enough time, you’re going to recover from this. In an hour or two, you’ll be back to normal in no time.

At a ‘7,’ you’re going to have the short-term memory of a goldfish. Keeping conversations flowing with a sober person, let alone somebody stoned, is going to be a challenge!

8 – Baked

When you’re baked, the line between reality and fiction begins to blur. If you’re smoking a particularly potent strain or eating a strong edible, the weed effects can start to border on the psychedelic. 

You might hear sounds that aren’t actually there, catch glimpses of something or someone out of the corner of your eye, or even feel as if your body is melting into your couch or bed. For experienced users, an ‘8’ on the high scale is uncomfortable but still manageable.

For beginners, they might just implore you to dial the emergency number!

9 – Blitzed

A level 9 on the high scale is about as high as you ever want to get when medicating with cannabis. Thoughts get profoundly introspective and personal here. You might contemplate the nature of life, your purpose in this infinitely large universe, and why you ever got so high in the first place! 

It’ll be almost impossible to watch a show or a movie at this point, but you’ll be able to get absolutely lost in the lyrics of a song or an album. If you manage to stay awake, being this high on the high scale might be uncomfortable initially, but it’s worth it if you can ride out the initial waves of uneasiness. 

Being blitzed has the potential to be a bad time, but it can also be enjoyable and entertaining if you have the tolerance to handle it! 

10 – Green Out

Welp – you’ve done it now. You’ve greened out. 

If this is the first time it’s happened to you, congratulations! Pat yourself on the back. Greening out happens to the best of us, and it’s almost a rite of passage within the cannabis community to experience it.

All good things should be enjoyed in moderation, and the same can be said for weed, too. A green out can yield headaches, intense nausea, paranoia, panic, and anxiety. If it’s your first time experiencing a green out, you’re going to feel like you’re dying, and we say that unequivocally. 

Your accelerated heart rate coupled with the mental stress you’re going through is going to make the world seem like it’s ending.

Fortunately, not all is lost. All it takes to recover from a green out is some time, patience, and some time-tested strategies!

The High Scale – Know Your Limit, Stay Within It 

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to a “proper” amount of cannabis. It ultimately comes down to the specific tolerance level of the toker in question. 

In other words, what might get one person buzzed and experience a weed hangover the next day may not produce any effects in another. That said, whether you’re sparking up alone or with a group of buds, it’s best to hold yourself accountable and not venture outside your comfortable dosage range. 

If you do want to build up your tolerance, gradually and responsibly increasing your intake is the best way to avoid green out and other adverse side effects of ingesting too much of your favourite herb. 

After all, it’s not a race, and the primary objective is universal among tokers of all experience levels – enjoying the benefits of our favourite wonderful weed! 

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