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Edibles Dosing – 6 Tips & Tricks

Yes, we know. Edibles dosing is tricky. But can you resist delicious, mouth-watering marijuana brownies? Absolutely no! 

Edibles are cannabis-infused products that are almost everyone’s favourite. 

Edible forms of cannabis include various food products like gummies, lollipops, cookies, jellies, capsules and many more. They produce long-lasting effects, so their users become more fond of them. However, using cannabis-infused edibles can be tricky, and you may end up overdosing.  

But we have got your back!

In our guide, we will discuss the accurate dosing of edibles and how it differs from other consumption methods.

Let’s get started!

How Edibles Work in the Body

The active ingredient in cannabis that gets you high is THC. How your body metabolizes THC determines its psychoactive effects, meaning the onset of action and how long its effects last.

Edibles, for instance, are broken in the digestive system with the help of enzymes. First, they enter the liver for metabolism. Then, from the liver, they enter the bloodstream. Finally, THC travels in the blood and binds to its specific receptors to produce mind-elevating effects. 

This whole process of edibles digestion and cannabis supplying its effects takes about 30 minutes or more. For more information, check our guide, ‘How long for edibles to kick in?’

Edibles Versus Smoking Cannabis

Smoking cannabis is different from consuming edibles. When you smoke, cannabinoids such as THC and CBD pass from the lungs directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive tract. 

Due to this process, the onset of action of THC occurs within a few minutes. 

That being said, experts believe that smoking cannabis may increase the risks of developing lung diseases, so marijuana edibles are a good alternative to smoking.

Why do Edibles Produce a Different High?

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Enter 11-Hydroxy-THC.

In the liver, the THC is metabolized into a different compound called 11-Hydroxy-THC. This byproduct can be ten times more psychoactive than smoking cannabis and often result in an intensified high.

Generally speaking, smoking half-gram cannabis is the equivalent of eating 10 mg of THC edible. According to research, 11-OH-Delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol, a metabolite of tetrahydrocannabinol, produces a psychological high within 3 to 5 minutes with marked physiological effects like tachycardia.

Another reason is that the effects produced depend on the individual’s overall physiology and metabolism. For example, a person who hasn’t eaten anything for a few hours will experience comparatively stronger effects from eating cannabis than a smoker who inhales a few puffs of cannabis after a meal.

6 Tips to Nail Your Edibles Dosage

Determining the accurate dose is paramount for a good experience. 

Keep in mind that everyone responds differently to cannabis. It is because the physiology and sensitivity of the endocannabinoid system vary among the users. 

Now, let’s review some valuable tips which you can apply to make your cannabis experience more enjoyable.

Start with Small Doses – Less is More

For newcomers, it is imperative to take your cannabis products slowly. Be patient and wait for your edibles to kick in. 

Start with a low dose, and if you do not feel high, you can later ingest more edibles and increase the dose. 

The optimal amount of an edible is no more than 10mg of THC. You don’t need to take the whole brownie. Instead, take jellies or mints with milligrams mentioned on them.

Follow the Label Guidelines

Edibles from a licensed dispensary contain the dosage information and instructions for use. It is suggested to read the label carefully before consuming the product. 

Reading the label will help you to assess the appropriate dose that works for you. 

Deal Dry Mouth with Hydration

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Cannabis produces a condition known as cottonmouth. In other words, regular users often feel thirsty without being dehydrated. 

Try to stay hydrated and well-nourished when consuming cannabis. It will also help to tone down any worse effects arising from cannabis consumption.

Taking Edibles on Empty Stomach

New users should avoid taking edibles on an empty stomach. It is because the psychoactive effects of THC are more pronounced, resulting in an uncomfortable high. 

Some individuals also report gastrointestinal disturbances while taking edibles on an empty stomach. 

That being said, small doses with meals are advised for a good experience with edibles.

Sublingual Consumption

If oral consumption is not possible due to any digestive abnormality, placing the product under the tongue can be an option.  The high vasculature under the tongue will help to absorb the product more quickly.

Find a Perfect Environment

Try to find a quiet and calm place to observe the effects. You can also ask your friend to look after you and discuss with them what to do if a bad trip happens.

All in all, try to remain calm and enjoy the experience. And remember, bad trips happen, which is why paying attention to dosage is important.

What to Do if You Eat Too Many Cannabis Edibles

Overdosing is the issue that occurs with regular users, not just the first-timers.  

If you have consumed too many edibles, you are likely to experience the effects of the high dose. Panic attacks, extreme paranoia and headaches are some of the symptoms of too much THC in the blood.

There isn’t any quick solution to reverse the effects. However, a few tips can help you to cope with the situation.

·  Take carbohydrates that are rich in sugar. They may help to hamper the side effects

·  Take a hot bath

·  Stay calm and try to sleep

·  Distract yourself by watching your favourite TV programs

·  Drink plenty of water

·  Try peppercorn balls

·  Lemonade counteracts the dehydrating effects

·  Remember that the effects are temporary and may disappear after a few hours

·  If none of the above works, consulting a doctor or pharmacist is suggested

Final Thoughts on Edibles Dosing

We hope that our guide gave you a better understanding of edibles dosing and what effects edibles produce.

Edibles have long been popular among cannabis users. They can provide long-lasting effects and are the best choice for people who do not like to smoke cannabis.

Next time you are trying edibles, observe how your body responds to edibles and feel the effects. Be patient and let your body adapt to it. Edibles are likely to give you desirable results if you are responsible for dosing.

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