does weed expire


Does Weed Expire? Pot and Edibles Expiry Date Explored

Does weed expire?

Have you ever found an old pack of weed or weed edibles in-between the car seats, in your backpack or under your car and wondered whether or not it was still good to go?

While weed and weed edibles won’t go bad the same way as meat, fruits and vegetables, this doesn’t mean that weed doesn’t have a “best before” date!

Like all good things in life, weed doesn’t last forever, but whether or not it actually expires is an entirely different question altogether. 

Weed and weed edibles won’t spoil as yogurt or milk might, but it might not be a good idea to consume them!

If you’ve asked yourself, “does weed expire” or “does weed go bad,”  you’ve come to the right place.

Does Weed Expire? Does Weed go Bad?

Long story short, no, weed does not expire, but that doesn’t mean you should be smoking your old weed or eating your old edibles.

When you store weed properly, you can expect it to last upwards of six months to a whole year under ideal conditions. Weed edibles made with natural ingredients (such as manuka honey and cane sugar) are generally shelf-stable, lasting for about the same duration of time. 

do edibles expire

Weed edibles made with artificial ingredients and preservatives will stay fresh for longer as long as they’re stored in a sealed container. 

However, just because your weed and weed products aren’t ‘expired,’ doesn’t that they’ll remain fresh.

Among other things, cannabis flower will lose approximately 16% THC potency every year that it’s stored. 

While this sounds like an odd number, a scientific study confirmed it in a lab. After two years, the potency decrease goes up to 27% and 35% after three years. 

So, while weed doesn’t go bad, chances are you probably won’t want to smoke it anyways!

Do Weed Edibles Go Bad? Do Weed Edibles Expire?

Comparing weed flower to weed edibles is like comparing apples to oranges.

Sure, they both contain THC, and they’ll get you high, but there’s so much more involved than just that.

Unfortunately, we’ve got some bad news for all edibles lovers out there.

Weed edibles do go bad.

Keeping weed fresh is easy, but ensuring that your weed edibles after their best-before date is challenging.

If you’ve ever left some edibles out in your car in the hot summer sun, you’ve probably seen what heat can do to weed gummies and weed chocolate.

Spoiler alert – they melt. 

While they are still edible, you’re going to have no idea how much of a dose you’re consuming or how potent they’ll still be. This is all without factoring in how bad they’ll taste after being baked inside of your car.

While keeping your edibles stored in freezing temperatures could keep edibles fresh past their expiration date, it’s better to consume edibles as you would any other food product – as soon as possible.

Can You Smoke Old Weed? Should You Eat Old Edibles?

weed expiry date

Fresh is always best, but if you’re dankrupt, smoking some old weed and eating some old edibles won’t kill you as long as you’re careful about it.

Fresh weed products provide the best experience that old products just can’t replicate, but hey, if you’re dankrupt, some weed is better than no weed, right?

So, with that being said, we have some good news for you.

You can smoke old weed, and you can eat old edibles, but with a few caveats.

First, you have to make sure that the THC product in question is free of mold and bacteria. Weed that hasn’t been stored properly can accumulate excess moisture and mold spores, forcing you to throw out your entire stash. While edibles won’t be as prone to mold growth, you should still be careful.

We can’t stress this enough – be sure to give your products a mold inspection before you eat them, especially if they’re old. Mouldy weed is hazardous to your health and can cause serious health issues.

Secondly, your THC products won’t taste nearly as good as fresh ones. Your flower will produce harsh smoke and taste harsh as well. Your edibles will also taste extra dank. Beggars can’t be choosers!

With all that being said, eating and consuming older weed products won’t kill you, as long as they’re properly stored in a sealed container. However, you will have to brace your stomach and your tastebuds!

How to Tell if Your Weed Has Gone Bad

Not sure whether or not that under-the-couch nug is still good to smoke? Here are four factors of weed that has gone bad.

Sweaty Smell

We all know what cannabis smells like. It’s pungent, dank and incredibly aromatic. However, expired weed flower will have a musty scent that smells like human sweat, musty hay and urine, which is the characteristic smell of moldy cannabis. If your weed smells like this, throw it out ASAP.


We’re all familiar with how colourful properly harvested weed can be. Old weed will look dry, crumbly and brown, almost like tobacco. We don’t recommend it, but if it’s brown, it’s still good to smoke.

Old weed is still acceptable to smoke, but cannabis flower with white, fuzzy spots on the surface that look wet and moist are signs of moldy weed.

moldy weed

Read more about the dangers and prevention methods of moldy weed here! 

Crumbly and Dry Texture

Fresh cannabis is covered with crystal-like hairs called pistils, resin and a fine powder that give the bud a sticky, slightly squishy texture. If your dried weed is confined in a container for a long time, then your nugs will look like shrivelled-up mushrooms.


Old marijuana will taste bad. Is this any surprise? While the taste won’t give you an upset stomach, it might make you wonder whether or not getting high off of such poor-tasting kush is even a good idea, to begin with. The bad taste of dried-up kush will have you second-guessing your decision!

How to Keep Weed Fresh

Keeping your weed fresh is easy. With the proper storage, you can extend the longevity of your weed by months and maybe even years!

To start, the containers and baggies that dispensaries sell you weed in are not even close to what’s required to maintain the freshness of your kush.

The easiest way to keep weed fresh is to follow these four steps.

First, store your flower (and your edibles) in an airtight container. Good examples include glass jars or mason jars. Air and humidity are the enemies of freshness. If excess humidity and oxygen break into your container, you can expect mold to develop quickly.

Secondly, store that airtight container in a cool, dark and dry place away from direct sunlight. Sunlight and variations in temperature can cause your THC products to degrade fast. Pair this with moisture and humidity, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

Lastly, don’t open up your container for longer than you have to. Every time you open your stash jar is another opportunity for moisture and humidity to break into your container. Keeping a humidity pack inside your stash can help keep your pot dry, but the best way is prevention.

Does Weed Expire? More Complicated Than You Think

If you’re using medical marijuana for its health benefits, it might not be such a good idea to consume old weed, no matter how ‘good’ it still looks.

However, recreational users can! Your old weed is still good to go, as long as it’s free of mold! Just remember to keep in mind that weed loses its potency, flavour and freshness the longer it’s stored. The same can be said for weed edibles, too. If you end up eating some old edibles, don’t blame us for the poor taste!