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What is CBD Isolate and Why is it the Future of CBD?

While many people tend to focus on the psychoactive compound in cannabis, THC, the popularity of CBD only continues to increase. In the last few years, more consumers than ever have started to discover the benefits of CBD isolate.

Unlike THC, CBD does not get you high. That doesn’t mean, however, that there are many other benefits of taking the compound. In fact, not getting high is a good thing for many people to achieve the doses needed to achieve symptomatic relief. Many people have found significant relief of pain, anxiety, and sleep problems by using CBD.

For those seeking the benefits of CBD, there is no purer or more concentrated product offering than CBD isolate. Discover why CBD isolate may be perfect for you here today.

What is CBD Isolate?

what is cbd isolate

Put simply, CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD on the market. Most often sold in powder or crystalline forms, these isolates are 99% CBD or more. CBD isolate is most commonly produced via extraction techniques used on hemp plants.

These hemp plants produce a solid CBD content while creating no more than 0.3% THC. The extraction process used to develop isolates focuses solely on these CBD compounds. With further refining, all other trace compounds are removed, leaving pure CBD.

Depending on the precise extraction and refinement techniques, what is left often comes in large crystals or a fine white powder. Neither of these products has any flavour or taste, which means no terpenes, as well.

This may not sound all that exciting, but the purity of these CBD isolates helps consumers focus on a single medical objective. This allows us to assess the effects more specifically and adjust the dosage as needed.

What are the Benefits of CBD Isolate?

Without a doubt, the purity of CBD isolate is one of its highlights. The reassurance of purity is crucial for those avoiding THC due to drug testing protocols. You can be highly certain that you won’t fail any test after using isolates.

Along the same lines, consumers never have to worry about impairment getting in the way of their daily lives. You can get your CBD and safely perform all the tasks you need to do to have a successful day. Plus, you’ll have no urges to sit on the couch and binge TV while snacking.

No product can deliver as much CBD as effectively as isolates. Without the concern of THC or impairment, consumers are free to increase the dosage until they achieve the desired results. Some medical problems require larger doses than others, and these situations demand CBD isolates.

As far as dosing goes, the math is easy with isolate powder. You don’t have to worry about other cannabinoids. You can get the exact CBD dose you desire, which is a big advantage over other CBD products.

The only disadvantage of this purity relates to the entourage effect. According to this hypothesis, the combination of cannabinoids and terpenes produces more significant results together. 

This synergism leads to results more significant than the sum of its parts. Proponents of this theory would tell you that much larger doses of CBD isolate would need to be used due to the lack of other compounds acting together.

How is it Made?

how is CBD isolate made

CBD isolate is most commonly made using extraction methods like supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) and ethanol-based extractions. Both of these extraction methods are not only used for CBD isolates, but are also used to make many THC and cannabis products.

These extraction methods are essential for removing unwanted terpenes, cannabinoids, fats, and other plant compounds. By going through additional processing and refining steps, we are left with a THC-free product that’s virtually 99.99% CBD! 

CBD Isolate vs Other CBD Products

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Although isolate consists of almost nothing else but pure CBD, is it really better than other CBD products? Would a full-spectrum CBD tincture be better instead? Is using CBD isolate better than all of these other CBD products? What about CBD edibles?

The answer to this question boils down mainly to individual preferences. 

CBD oil products come in a variety of forms. Some contain traces of other terpenes cannabinoids such as THC – these are called broad-spectrum and full-spectrum products. As we mentioned above, when CBD is combined with THC and other cannabis compounds, an effect known as the entourage effect occurs. 

The entourage effect is said to produce a stronger, more holistic effect than just consuming CBD or THC alone.  In this sense, isolate may not be the best product for users looking for this effect.

Additionally, not everyone will enjoy the powdery, crystalline texture of isolate. For many, CBD edibles make medication fun and tasty, and help remind users to take their daily dose. 

infused cbd edibles

If you’re looking for an easy, versatile way to consume CBD, then isolate is by far your best option. However, if you prefer more conventional dosing patterns or if you’re looking for a full-spectrum effect, you should probably reach for some tasty Sugar Jack’s CBD edibles, instead! 

How to Use CBD Isolate?

On a practical level, consuming CBD isolates is as easy as it gets. You can consume it sublingually by putting the powder underneath your tongue or by infusing it into your favourite foods and drinks! 

Additionally, CBD isolate can be smoked or drabbed as is. All you have to do is sprinkle some on top of your joint, bowl or pipe for an infused CBD kick! 

With that said, here are three ways you can consume CBD isolate with ease.


Just like with CBD oil, you can take CBD isolate sublingually. Place the substance under your tongue and wait at least 60 seconds (up to 15 minutes if you’d like). This placement leads to rapid absorption directly into the bloodstream. The rest of the CBD is then swallowed and moves through the digestive system for further absorption.


Topical CBD products are often made using CBD isolate, and you can infuse your own products with isolate by simply mixing some in! 

These creams, lotion, ointments, and salves simply need to be applied to your skin to take effect. Do not expect broader results, as these cannabis topicals are best suited for addressing local skin, muscle, and joint concerns.

Food and Beverage Infusion

Since isolate is so pure, you can basically infuse it into just about any food or beverage of your liking. But, you may want to pick something that has some oil or fat in it for better absorption! 

CBD Isolate – The Future of CBD? 

When it comes to deciding which CBD product is right for you, we aimed to provide you with the facts you need to know. The benefits and drawbacks of each make them more or less appealing to different people for different reasons.

CBD isolate is versatile, flavourless and easy to use. These features alone make it more accessible than any other CBD product available today. However, does that mean people will actually use it?

Compared to other more conventional products such as CBD edibles and tinctures, isolate is a bit more involved.

It’s easy to pop a CBD gummy in the morning or have a few drops of a tincture, but portioning out some isolate to add to your water or meal is time-consuming. Many might not want to give up the convenience of conventional products for a more versatile one.

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If you are still undecided, remember that the purity of CBD isolates makes it easy to assess the effects of CBD alone. You can try broad-spectrum or full-spectrum products later to determine the differences. The same goes for anyone who has only used full-spectrum CBD products before. There is little to lose by trying out some versatile CBD isolate.

Taken together, isolate is a perfect option for you if you want a pure, THC-free, functional, tasteless delivery method for CBD compounds. If you find yourself missing the benefits of the entourage effect, you can always combine it with dried flower and terpene mixtures to create the perfect high-CBD mix!