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Cannabis Coffee – Start Your Day the Weed Way

What if we told you that cannabis coffee is an excellent wake and bake method that will have you ready to conquer the day? 

There are many ways that people take their coffee, black, with cream and sugar, or even some almond or hemp milk. We see you lactose intolerant friends! 

If you’re looking for a new way to infuse and spruce up your coffee, why not go with a tried and true classic, weed?

Yes, you read that right. There’s a thing such as cannabis coffee, and it might be right up your alley if you want a kick start in the morning to get those productive, creative juices flowing. 

It can also help with early morning headaches and other aches and pains.

So, what is cannabis coffee? Is it safe? Is it hard to make? We’ll answer all this and more if you keep on reading! 

What is Cannabis Coffee?

what is cannabis coffee

Some people know it as the ‘hippie speedball,’ while others simply call it ‘cannabis coffee.’ 

Cannabis coffee is a mixture of two of the earth’s greatest gifts to the human adult – the elixir of the gods, coffee, and our favourite potent plant, cannabis, in one harmonious, beautiful beverage. 

Cannabis coffee is considered a weed edible since you don’t need to smoke or vape it for the cannabis to affect the body. This also means it will likely take longer to be absorbed into the body and experience the effects. If you want to learn more about how long edibles take to kick, check out our guide.

What Happens if you Combine Coffee with Cannabis? 

Coffee is a stimulant. It blocks the chemicals in the brain that promote sleepiness and allows messages to be sent around the body even faster. That’s why you feel more alert in the morning or during the day after having a cup of coffee. 

Cannabis, on the other hand, can be a stimulant and a relaxant depending on whether the strain is sativa or indica dominant. Some are uplifting and can make you more productive (sativa), while others give you a couch-locked feeling and are more sedative (indica).

While the classification of indica and sativa is becoming less relevant with the introduction of hybrid strains, and these characteristics can be found in both plant variations, research indicates that indicas possess more relaxing, body sedating effects while sativas are energizing and cerebral. 

Ultimately, this means that you have to pair the coffee with a strain that will enhance the effects of coffee rather than counteracting them. In this case, a sativa or hybrid strain is the type of cannabis that you should use. In some cases, a high CBD or indica strain will be more suitable for caffeine-induced anxiety and can help to take the edge off.

When coffee is paired with an appropriate strain of cannabis, it could be just what you were looking for to start your day off right.

The Benefits of Cannabis Coffee

cannabis coffee benefits

If regular coffee’s good enough for you, why bother with cannabis coffee? Is there any hidden benefit that’ll make you brew yourself a cup?

There are certain reasons you should consider it, including: 

If you’re a regular user of cannabis, especially cannabidiol oil (CBD oil), you know how the taste of smoke in your mouth might clash with your breakfast and even your cup of coffee. Mixing them is super convenient, especially if you don’t like the taste of your CBD oil.

Coffee might wake you up and get you going first thing, but it will eventually wear off after about 5 hours and cause you to crash mid-day. When your body crashes hard, you may need another cup after lunch, or else you could feel even more tired or groggier than before. 

Cannabis continues to act on your endocannabinoid system, extending your awareness and decreasing feelings of drowsiness to get you through the day for at least 7 hours.

Cannabis coffee is also great for its healing properties. It not only gets you going, but it keeps you going throughout the day like extended-release acetaminophen. If you deal with headaches when you wake up, it could be your replacement to aspirin or the solution you need to deal with your bad back.

Are There any Risks Involved? 

It would only be fair for us to inform you of the risks involved in consuming cannabis coffee instead of regular coffee after touting all these great benefits. 

While there is no inherent risk of severe injury or death associated with consuming cannabis coffee, there are things that users should be aware of. So, rather than calling them ‘risks,’ we’ll call these factors ‘drawbacks.’ 

The first drawback to drinking cannabis coffee is that it can make you too high. Do you remember your first bad trip when you bit off more than you could chew with that edible? Being too high, also known as green out, is no fun, and it’s easy to get the dosing messed up when making cannabis coffee for the first or even second time.

This unfortunate scenario is significantly worse for those who suffer from anxiety, where this could become a concoction from hell.

Another drawback worth mentioning is the pairing of appropriate strains with the coffee. Some might make you feel overstimulated or antsy, making it harder for you to focus at work or when completing errands and tasks on your to-do list. 

Other strains may dampen the coffee’s ability to stimulate, and, well, what’s the point of that? This means that you’ll have to either get the advice of a budtender or go through a period of trial and error to find the right mix of coffee and cannabis.

How to Make Cannabis Coffee – Beginner Friendly

how to make cannabis coffee

Making cannabis coffee at home can be a fun experiment if there are no coffee shops in your area that offer it, or even if you’re just looking for an easy DIY weed edible recipe! All you need is to make cannabis coffee is:

  • Coffee
  • A few drops of CBD oil or hash oil
  • A mug

Here’s the easiest and fastest method there is. Perfect for beginners!

  1. Brew your coffee as normal
  2. Pour the coffee into your mug then add a few drops of CBD oil or hash oil. Adjust accordingly depending on your usual dose.
  3. Stir your infused coffee, and enjoy!

You can also add your own flare by infusing coffee with weed honey, cane sugar or cinnamon sticks. Let your imagination roam free.

If you have dried bud, you will still be able to make your own cannabis coffee. You’ll just have a couple more steps involved. 

Here’s another way to make a delicious cup of cannabis coffee:

  • 3 cups of water
  • Your favourite coffee
  • 0.5g of an appropriate strain – Ground, adjust the amount according to your tolerance level
  • Butter or coconut oil
  • Strainer or cheesecloth
  • Blender (optional)
  1. To start your brew, bring the 3 cups of water to a boil, along with the butter or coconut oil.
  2. Next, add the ground cannabis, and leave for 45 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  3. Using a strainer or cheesecloth, strain your mixture, then let it cool.
  4. Optional – Add the mixture to the blender to allow it to better combine.
  5. Use the water from the pot to brew your coffee as you usually would.

Cannabis Coffee – Stir in Something Special 

If you decide to make your cannabis coffee at home, always remember that this is still an edible which means it can take some time to kick in. This means that you probably shouldn’t have another cup right away because it doesn’t seem to be “working”.

But, hey, it’s a rookie mistake we all make at least once. 

If you’re looking to experiment with a particularly potent piping hot cup of cannabis coffee, just make sure you do it on a Saturday morning when you don’t have anything else to do! 

Whether you want to give cannabis coffee a try or are more partial to a plain, good old-fashioned cup of regular joe, there’s no better partner in crime to go with it than a delicious cookie. 

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