Budtender – Here’s What You Need to Know

So, you walk into a dispensary, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and you catch the eye of your friendly neighbourhood budtender. 

They smile, welcome you in with open arms, and ask you what they can do to help you today. It’s a joyous, polite and beautiful exchange.

The budtender, commonly referred to as the face of the cannabis industry, is the individual you’ll rely on for customer service, answering any questions and providing all-around stellar suggestions for all of your particular weed needs.

So, make sure you make the most of them!

But what is a budtender, you may ask, and what do they do exactly? Sit back and relax, friends, because we’re going to break it all down for you!

What is a Budtender?

what is a budtender

Since the legalization of recreational and medicinal weed, the cannabis industry has seen a massive influx of new jobs. These roles aren’t just limited to people in labs or cultivators, either! 

They also include the people who interact with customers in dispensaries and guide them to the appropriate weed products to suit their specific wants and needs. 

Standing on the front lines of the cannabis industry is what is known as the budtender. A budtender primarily plays a customer service role and is there to guide and advise the customer. 

The term ‘budtender’ should remind you of another popular job title, ‘bartender.’ We’ll give you a minute to let this mind-blowing realization set in. 

Okay! Moving on! 

However, rather than serving drinks to customers, budtenders instead serve up bud and other cannabis-related products. 

Budtenders can be of any identification so long as they are of legal age to work in a dispensary. It’s also a massive plus if, going into the gig, they also have extensive knowledge of the various products, cannabis strains and terpenes within it available to customers on the market.

However, this isn’t necessarily mandatory. Many dispensaries are willing to put in the time and effort to train someone if they see that the enthusiasm to learn is there. 

What do Budtenders do?

budtender requirements

Budtenders generally wear many hats, serving as a sales associate/cashier, customer service agent and ganja guru. 

Their job is to ensure that all products are displayed in a way that customers can clearly see while also ensuring that the general vibes within the dispensary are pleasant and welcoming. 

Budtenders are responsible for greeting customers and making them feel comfortable from the first moment they enter the door. They make themselves open and available for inquiries about the cannabis products available and ask important questions to determine their specific needs. 

Establishing this dialogue allows them to gain crucial information that will help them suggest products or detail the potential benefits of various cannabis strains.

While they possess a wealth of information about cannabis that customers should make the most of, it should be noted that budtenders are not medical professionals. Therefore, do not expect them to provide medical advice. If you need specific medical instruction or guidance, it’s best to visit your doctor. 

Budtenders may also help medical marijuana patients to obtain their medical cards.

Signs of a Good Budtender

Don’t worry if you’re new to the world of weed and cannabis culture and don’t know the signs of a good budtender. Determining whether or not you’re dealing with a good budtender is relatively straightforward. 

If you’re curious, here are some signs to look out for when interacting with a budtender for the first time:

A Budtender Should be Welcoming & Positive

A business can have the best products in the world, but if its customer service is poor, it will have an impact on its performance. The same is true for dispensaries and the cannabis product market. 

A good budtender ensures that customers have a good experience while they’re visiting the dispensary. They’re polite, attentive to your needs, and willing to give comprehensive answers to any marijuana question. 

A good budtender will not rush you to make a purchase or pressure you into making a quick choice if you’re indecisive. Instead, they will go at your pace and adapt their approach accordingly.

A Budtender Should Understand the Products in the Dispensary

signs of a good bud tender

There’s nothing worse than a new user of cannabis diving into the deep end. Just picture the last time you or someone else got too stoned and greened out. It generally sucks. 

So, imagine what could happen if the budtender had no understanding of the cannabis products in the dispensary. Customers would easily get led astray or pointed in the wrong direction. 

Suppose your budtender can provide a comprehensive answer to your questions about the various products and is able to identify the appropriate ones for your needs. In that case, it means they understand them.

A Budtender Should Always be Sober While Working

Being stoned at work is a big no-no, especially when working in the cannabis industry. A budtender’s job is about helping customers, not helping him/herself to the products. 

A stoned person should not be measuring cannabis, serving cannabis products, or interacting with customers.

Good Budtenders are Often Weed Lovers Themselves

The best budtenders are those who have personal experience with cannabis. 

No matter how much non-users claim to have researched, they will never truly be able to describe it unless they’ve experienced the effects of cannabis.

A good budtender will have an opinion and can provide pretty solid suggestions to customers.

Showing appreciation- To Tip or Not Tip

When at a bar or restaurant, you often feel inclined to tip the server or bartender who contributed to your positive experience. Are the rules the same regarding a budtender?

Well, some people think tipping a budtender is a good way to show appreciation. Some may even have little tip jars on the counter should a customer feel inclined.

You can show your appreciation in other ways, like being verbal and extending your gratitude, commending your budtender to the manager, or suggesting the dispensary to other customers.

Another great way to show appreciation is by leaving a good review of the dispensary online for potential customers to see. You can even help to advertise by taking pictures of their products and posting them online.

Improving Your Own Experience

As customers, we don’t usually realize how much influence we have over these situations. In some ways, we can help a budtender to help us and improve our own experience. 

Some of these ways include:

Asking Questions

bud tender

In the wonderful world of weed, there’s no such thing as a stupid question, so don’t feel insecure. 

A budtender is there to provide you with guidance and information, so don’t waste this valuable learning opportunity. 

Ask as many questions about as many cannabis products as necessary to improve your overall experience and find the ideal product for you.

Being Open and Honest

It’s always best to be honest and share key details such as your preferred methods of consumption, consumption frequency, pre-existing medical conditions, and desired effects. 

This information will help your budtender to figure out which cannabis products would best suit your needs. Being open about the experience is also super important since your budtender might recommend trying new things.

Being Courteous

They say the customer is always right, but if you have a bad attitude, don’t expect the best possible service. 

Your attitude towards the experience has a direct impact on how things will go. If you’re cold and short, your budtender might take it as a sign that you aren’t interested in a conversation and will engage you less often. 

It’s easy for a situation like this to feel awkward. So, be sure to be polite and mind your p’s and q’s, and it will be good vibes all around! 

Budtender – Your Best Bud

Think of your budtender like a buddy. They are there to make sure that every customer not only has a good time but finds the best cannabis products to suit their needs. 

A good budtender will engage customers in conversation, so be open and honest about what it is you’re looking for. It’ll only serve to improve your own experience. 

Don’t feel shy about asking questions either, they are there to assist in whatever way possible. 

Afterward, show your appreciation. A little kindness can go a long way! 

If you aren’t able to go to a dispensary or don’t have the time or means, visit the Sugar Jack’s website and use our online chat feature to talk to a budtender in real-time. 

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