420 friendly meaning


What Does 420 Friendly Really Mean? 420 Friendly Meaning

Are you 420 friendly? 

Despite cannabis culture being widely regarded as friendly, open, and fun, some stigma surrounds cannabis use.

The phrase “420 friendly” is a general term that those in the know use almost like a code to signify to other stoners that they can be at ease and not have to hide their usage from the people they’re interacting with.

Beyond that, though, 420 friendly can mean a wide range of things.

We’ll guide you through the history of the term and what it means in different contexts.

What does “420 Friendly” mean?

420 Friendly can have an extensive range of meanings depending on who or what you are interacting with. Still, generally speaking, it’s an easy enough term to understand that weed is accepted.

The number 420 itself is commonly used now as a holiday for stoners as well. April 20 is marked as a date for celebrating the herb in all its glory across the globe, and even non-stoners know about its significance. 

Where Did the Term 420 Originate?

While nobody can pinpoint its exact origins, the most accepted theory is that the 420 term goes back to a group of California high school students

Known as “The Waldos,” the five San Rafael High School students – Mark Gravitch, Larry Schwartz, Dave Reddix, Steve Capper and Jeffrey Noel – used 420 as a code to know to meet up to sesh together at 4:20 PM. 

Eventually, the word caught on amongst their fellow students, and the rest is history. Its origins date back to the early ’70s, but its original meaning as a meetup code faded as the phrase spread. 

Today, it’s generally used as a blanket term for anything and everything to do with marijuana.

The Waldos first used the term 420 Louis to meet at the school’s statue of Louis Pasteur at 4:20 PM to search for a supposed field of weed plants they never found.

Eventually, this slowly dissolved into simply saying 420, and despite the five students never finding the pot crop, the phrase stuck. 

Where You Might See “420 Friendly”

420 friendly

You could see the phrase 420 friendly pop up in all sorts of places, but there are some common ones you’ll be more likely to see it.

Whether you’re in public or meeting someone in private, smoking weed becomes a lot more comfortable when you know you’re in a 420 friendly space.

Hotel rentals

If you’re planning your next vacation, choosing a hotel that’s okay with marijuana use can make the trip less stressful when you’re planning to smoke.

This likely won’t come up very often unless you choose to travel somewhere where marijuana is legal or widely accepted. If you’re looking to stay in an AirBnB or a bed and breakfast, this might not be much of an issue. 

Hotels, motels, and resorts are often much more strict regarding cannabis use. Be sure to pick wisely when booking your accommodations if you want to smoke up in your room! 

Apartment rentals

Apartment rentals can be a bit more tricky. Most landlords likely won’t be cool with smoking weed, so finding a place that openly says this is unlikely. Many apartments already forbid smoking tobacco in the apartments and near it, and cannabis is usually prohibited as well.

If you’re lucky, you might be able to find a place that has 420-friendly balconies, though this is rare. Your best bet is to look for a house or a stand-alone unit with a backyard so you can retreat there for a sesh. Otherwise, you’ll have to master how to hide your high!

Dating platforms

From a dating perspective, the question of what does 420 friendly means can vary widely.

Generally, this would be a positive thing since both people would be used to marijuana use, but the degree to which people are comfortable depends on the person.

If you’re a new user or just getting to know someone, ask them about their use! It could be a good bonding experience and also show that people are or aren’t compatible.

One person could smoke a lot of weed while others are weekend warriors. One isn’t better than the other, and how much pot someone smokes can be a factor in matching up well. 


If a business is saying that they’re 420 friendly, it means that they indeed are!

Marijuana isn’t looked too fondly upon in most places, so using this wording puts them at risk. If a business is 420 friendly, that means that they not only support tokers blazing up in or near their location, but they’re supportive of cannabis in general. 

You’re more likely to come across 420 friendly businesses in legal states and provinces across the US and Canada that have decriminalized or legalized marijuana. The number of places like this is pretty small, which means finding a 420 friendly spot will be layered in code words and situational awareness.

The number of 420 friendly businesses will likely change drastically with time as more people accept pot smoking. Over the last decade, plenty of places have changed their laws, and more will undoubtedly follow.

What does “710 Friendly” Mean?

Understanding what 420 friendly is all about is one thing, but what does 710 friendly mean?

For new smokers, this seems confusing, but it’s code for people saying they’re down with cannabis as well as explicitly dabbing.

At first, it may sound ridiculous because 710 originated from oil caps on cars. Feel free to see the hilarity in it, but flipped upside down, the word oil looks close enough to 710.

Dabbing cannabis refers to concentrates and oils, which makes sense when using this wording instead of the more typical 420 friendly tag.

Is 710 the New 420?

710 friendly may also become the new 420 friendly as concentrates grow in popularity and the small yet tight-knit dabbing community spreads the word. It’s a new slang, but there was also a day when 420 friendly didn’t mean anything either.

Dabs used to be a very niche product for most stoners and are also intimidating for newbies. Figuring out how to dab is not a difficult thing, though, and for many people can be a better way to smoke.

What if a Place Isn’t 420 Friendly?

If a place or business isn’t 420 friendly, you have to respect the rules. Stoners and tokers already have a bad reputation. Breaking the rules and smoking whenever you please is a good way to reinforce the negative stigma against us!

However, there is a way to respect these rules while still getting high.

One of the main reasons why many places aren’t 420 friendly is because of the smell. Learning how to get rid of weed smell can be a long and arduous process, and many people don’t want to do that work alone just to accommodate some stoners.

With that being said, you can still get high even if you’re not smoking. Unlike smoking, edibles don’t leave behind a pungent cloud of smoke or require combustion. All you have to do is pop a few in your mouth and wait!

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